WAZE Is My Navigation App

If you have a smart phone one app I find very beneficial is WAZE. When I travel to the US, I use it and I use it here in Panama.

It has just gone through a major upgrade and the display is even better than it was in the past. If you are in David and can’t see any street signs, WAZE will know where you are and give you the exact location.

When I was trying to learn a new way to drive from my house to Robert at Hogar Santa Catalina I used WAZE. It plotted my course. I was returning from the airport one day and needed to go see Robert and WAZE took me a way I would never have known.

I have found it better in Panama than Google Maps and much better than Apple Maps.

There was an article in USA Today on WAZE. That is what reminded me I haven’t written about WAZE in some time.


9 thoughts on “WAZE Is My Navigation App

  1. Minor correction, it is spelled WAZE not WASE (pronounced “ways”). Absolutely one of the best apps for anyone in Panama.

    I find the top most useful apps for your smart phone are:

    Google Translate
    Google Voice Search

  2. Actually, Don, its WAZE. And its great. I keep a minimal data package on my iPhone mainly for Waze and maps.
    Our first trip here in fall 2011, I brought my iPad2 and installed a Panama sim in PC before we travelled the country, so I could use Google maps. Apples weren’t great back then….especially for Panama.
    Discovered Waze in 2012 on return here, and ‘bragged’ about it to family to spread the word. Only to find my son had it for quite sometime prior.
    Anyway the correct spelling may assist others interested to find it more easily.
    Thanks for the link to the article. Interesting updates.

  3. Waze is an essential for living and traveling in Panama. The trip to PC used to be a white line nightmare, never knowing where the next cop was hiding. Since Waze, zero tickets and a much more relaxed trip. Navigating in David is a breeze with Waze.

    The cool thing about Waze is that it watches where people drive and puts the roads there, rather than some top-down bureaucracy that is always out of date. In fact, you and I can edit the Waze maps. I turned my driveway into a road and put it on the map, Luna Azul. Now anyone can just type in Luna Azul and be directed right to the house. This could be a life saver for emergency responders in a country with few road names or house numbers.

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