The Buffalo House – David

Yesterday, after church we went to The Buffalo House to try out some of their wings.


Wings are becoming hot competition in David. I have visited another wing place (The Buffalo Wings Factory) in David, but it opens so late I cant stop often.  The Buffalo House opens earlier and lunch is a possibility 7 days a week.

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Let me introduce you to Yamileth. She is one of two attendants that may take your order. As you can see from the menu, there is more than just wings. I will return one day to try the hamburgers and the pulled pork, but today was a wings day.




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The three of us ordered three different types of wings. We had Buffalo, Parmesan Garlic, and Teriyaki. I also ordered onion rings. I liked all of the flavors and the onion rings.


They offer several drinks including cervezas. There were also bottles of wine, vodka and rum that could be purchased.

Besides the eating area inside there was a covered area outside.

I think this place will do well when people know that it is open. Being on the InterAmerican highway, it is easy to find. Look for Swiss Plaza. Here is a Google Map.

We spent about 30 minutes talking to Pedro, who owns this eatery. He said that there are currently 4 Buffalo Houses in Panama. The one in David, one in Colon and two in Panama City. He said one was planned in Veraguas, and one in Penonomé.

Barely visible, in the first photo, is the security guard for the Swiss Plaza. I asked Pedro about the security of businesses now. He said the Plaza was well protected 24 hours a day.

He agreed that crime has been on the uptake and the laws protecting minors commenting violent crimes needs to change. He mentioned several occurrences that have happened recently including the robbery of Do-It Center.

We enjoyed our time at The Buffalo House and will return. I didn’t ask about home delivery, but as you see below, they have it.

If you drop in, tell Yamileth and Pedro you heard about The Buffalo House on Chiriquí Chatter.


10 thoughts on “The Buffalo House – David

  1. We have eaten there twice. Good service, great wings, and a wide selection of sauces. We have tried the spicey thai and the Hansa. Very good and hot ! Next time we will try the burgers, etc.

  2. Yikes, U.S. prices! Those prices are not what they used to be in the area. Seems TGI Fridays is more affordable, and it is expensive/over-priced. Has David become that affluent recently? I do wonder if they will stay in business.

  3. Lynne, must have been a while you have been to TGIF. Yo will not find a hamburger for $6.00 there nor a quality burger anywhere in David for less than $6.00.

  4. You’re right, I went to TGIF once, many years ago. A salad and a margarita, plus tip cost about $15. Luckily I’m a vegetarian, so I don’t eat burgers or wings!

  5. We are from NY and we know what REAL buffalo wings are like from Buffalo, NY…I make them at home! Yummmy! Will have to give this place a try. Can’t wait. Thanks Don for the update…we drive by there a lot!

  6. The wings are the same price if not more expensive than many areas in the United States. Yes, Panama is starting to give Costa Rica a run for their money on high cost of living and the Gringo Bingo.

    Since the new administration took office, food cost have gone through the roof.

  7. Yes, threatening price controls prompts all producers to rush and raise their prices before the controls come into force.

    In my experience fresh food prices in Panama are lower than in Canada and the few places I have been in the US.

    Nobody has to eat in restaurants, certainly not US chain restaurants since there are a large variety of places to eat out, and there still are relatively inexpensive places you can eat a tasty meal.

  8. Lilliam always comments about TGIF when we drive by. She says everyone says money is tight and yet TGIF always has lots of people there. The majority are not gringos.

  9. I am surprised many times by the prices in Panama restaurants. Having had a restaurant in Sacramento, I am aware of the overhead costs as well as payroll. This was some years ago, but rent and payroll costs should not be as high here as in the US then. The hamburgers went for $2.50 with cheese, lettuce and tomato. About 5 years ago, I took the staff of my oncologists office to lunch at TGI Friday’s. We had a decent sized meal for a price that while higher than some other places where I ate, was not too bad. About two years ago, I took a couple of friends to lunch at the one in the mall. I was embarrassed by the amount of food served. It would have been suitable for a child and the fellow had a big body to feed. I told him to order something else, but he was embarrassed ,too. If I were younger, I’d open a restaurant in Concepcion. I have never seen a city of this size with such awful restaurants.I have tried so many and there isn’t one that I’d recommend. One big problem is that so much is fried and overcooked, especially fish and shrimp. I’ve had pork chops that were nearly ready to complete their cremation.

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