Getting Caught With Your Pants Down

For those new to Panama, a PUSH is a place known as a “Love Hotel” or BYOB (Bring your own broad or boy). It sometimes is used as a way to have a little privacy for couples living with parents.

It is also used by men or women sharing time with someone other than their significant other.

Kris wrote a post on a Push Button on her blog, If you want to see inside.

Yesterday, it appears that three people posed as clients to gain entrance to the Beverly Hills Garden establishment and robbed clients and staff for more then $1,500.

As you can see, crime is not just hitting the residences.

Amazing what news I get by subscribing to the Chiriquí Noticias Twitter.


11 thoughts on “Getting Caught With Your Pants Down

  1. Thanks for the mention. That post is over two years old and it’s still usually in the top ten most visited posts. One of these days I’ll have to check out some of the others. That sucks though that one got robbed! I’m glad to see officials and citizens trying to take action against the rising crime rate. Hopefully they will be able to have an impact.

  2. Don:ocasionalmente, he estado dándole mi humilde opinión, no veo mis comentarios, ¿Dejaste de recibir comentarios en Español? Espero que solo sea un error.

    Mis saludos.

  3. Si recibo un comentario en español, trato de responder en español. Mi español es malo, así que mis comentarios pueden ser fácilmente traducidos mal.

    Also there are times when people’s comments go in the spam folder. I try to keep that folder clean and if a spot a comment that is there in error, I move it to the accepted folder.

    If anyone is having comments show up, they may be going to spam. Let me know and I will look.

  4. Don, no te preocupes, you spanish is great , me tomó más de doce años aprender mi ingles, gracias por enfatizar a todos tus lectores la importancia de aprender Español sí vives en Panamá.

  5. All y’all are cracking us up.

    It is true that at least one in each couple is probably married. The chances of both being married and to each other are slim. Why would a married couple care about hiding their car from anyone? Nena and I are in stitches. 😅

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