Lilliam Had Her 6 Month Cancer Checkup

Lilliam has her 6 month checkup with Dr. Bullen today. Doctor Bullen comes from Panama City once a month. For an appointment, you can see the first post I did announcing that he was coming to David.

I had a second post when the office opened.

Dr. Bullen invited me to be in the room for Lilliam’s examination. Since her cancer was a skin cancer, he inspected all of her skin. Literally from head to toe.

When he inspected the scalp, he moved all strands of hair looking for suspicious areas. He checked the bottom of the feet. He said different areas were susceptible to different types of cancer. Some cancers much more serious than others.

While he didn’t look at 100% of her body, he probably looked at 95%.. I was impressed at how thorough he was.

Lilliam got a clean bill of health and will return for next 6 month visit. It is really nice that she can see him in David and not have to go to Panama City.

9 thoughts on “Lilliam Had Her 6 Month Cancer Checkup

  1. Good news.

    I noticed you mentioned dr checked bottom of the feet. Most of the time we dont think we can get cancer there. My nephew had surgery in that area when he was a toddler 30 years ago. It looked like a mole in the bottom of one foot.

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