Driver’s License Renewal Complete

Yesterday I went by the driver’s license office with a letter from my doctor and a scanned copy of my cedula.

I had to take an eye exam. The fellow in front of me failed and was not given a license. He could drive home because his license was good until the end of the month.

I passed the eye exam and then moved to the auditory exam. I passed that as well. I am good for another two years.

When leaving the auditory exam, i was told that my age provided a discount and my cost would be $20. This validates comments on a pervious post.

My receipt is below.

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12 thoughts on “Driver’s License Renewal Complete

  1. GREAT on the discount and that you passed, Don. Hopefully at our renewal time we can get the discount, too!

  2. Where you may run into a cluster, when renewing a license, is when you have renewed your passport, and the passport # does not match the registration of your car(s). Requires a trip to the municipality of registration with the original registration and inspection report to update the registration. Then you can bring these documents with you to renew your license. Probably unnecessary if your car is registered under an e-cedula #.

  3. Do remember: If you are going to be 70, if you renew your driver’s days befor your 70th birthday it will be good for 4 years. If you wait until your birthday or day(s) sfter, it will only be good for 2 years

  4. Any other discounts after reaching 70? I have heard that the law goes easier on crime too, house arrest, etc. However Noriega didn’t get house arrest, so must be an upper limit.

  5. Apparently the “seniors” and others being investigated for corruption all have health issues suddenly. Maybe it’s not so much as being over 70? lol

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