A Final Thought On A “Personal” Blog

I posted a comment on Richard Detrich’s personal blog saying that my refer back comment had not been posted. A refer back is a link from another source that is related to a current Post. My comment also contained a link to my post, which is what the refer back would have done.

It got posted because I have commented there before and WordPress remembers you. I took a screen capture of my comment before I posted. It is below.


I then posted the comment and when it displayed, I took a screen capture. It stayed up long enough that I thought Richard had no problem with his readers seeing a differing opinion. I was happy to see that and deleted my screen capture.

Richard’s blog received a lot of hits because of my post and he commented on my blog.

Then, I guess he saw my comment on his blog and responded to it on my blog stating why he does not allow refer backs. He must have had second thoughts and decided to delete my comment from his blog. Possibly he concluded that it wasn’t putting him in the most objective light.

When I saw that my comment had been deleted, I posted another comment, which went into moderation mode. Shown below.

Richard Comment

Today, I see it has been removed and have to assume that my future comments will never see the light of day on his blog. You can see all of his comments HERE. Take a look at how many comments are on this. A small number may indicate that many don’t cut the muster.

Very disappointing. It does make you wonder what other comments he chooses to not allow. Richard can’t be satisfied with so few comments though. 1-4 is usually a max from what I have seen on his site. Help him out leave a comment. Bloggers live for comments.

Bonnie Williams is a well respected resident of Boquete. She is a major force behind many charity functions in Boquete, where Richard lives. She also has a lot of experience with healthcare in Chiriquí. Her comment on his blog chastised him for publishing such HYPE.  Her reputation in Boquete prevented her comment from being deleted, I assume.

Today, Richard posted a counter point on how to enjoy Boquete, Again, not his thoughts but renter’s of his rental property. I complimented him for posting a counter point to yesterday’s post. My post without links is under moderation. I may have been banned from his blog.

Well Done
UPDATE: I just checked and my comment is no longer under moderation. It has been deleted.

This concludes my rant on Richard’s “Reasons To Come To Panama” post. He has posted items in the past that I thought presented valid information on Panama and Chiriqui. This post was not one of them and I think can be dangerous to naive readers searching for a retirement home in Panama.

I apologize in advance for this post, but I hate to see reputable blogs misrepresent the country and mislead people.

12 thoughts on “A Final Thought On A “Personal” Blog

  1. Karen, I believe what is happening is that people are having more and more difficulty with opposing view points. The easy solution is to delete those viewpoints if possible. It takes real courage to leave an opposing viewpoint to your own on a discussion board or personal blog. It takes even more courage to admit to being wrong or learning something new.

    I think in this high tech world we are losing the ability to debate. We are also losing the ability to be wrong and it is seen as some sort of weakness or even evil in extreme cases. How often have you seen the words “you have a good point there” or “I had not considered that” in a discussion? How often have you seen a helpful suggestion be taken as such and the other person acknowledge it? Unfortunately, It is rare.

    A personal blog or discussion board, is a reflection of its owner(s). Blog writers have various motivations for maintaining a blog and a reader must always take that into consideration. Some write for financial gain, some write as a way to learn and some write to become part of the community around them.

    Too often we only want to read things that fit the way we want them to be rather than actual reality. The number of blogs and discussion board that see value in having open discussions with opposing points of view are getting to be fewer and fewer. It has become more important to be right and squelching opposing viewpoints makes that easy. In this particular case, I think Don made some good points and perhaps Richard could have added a disclaimer and updated to the facts he knows are incorrect. In my opinion that would be the right thing to do for his readers.

    In our culture today we are so easily offended and immediately get defensive. Not every post written is an attack just because it points out errors or disagrees with the original post. Often times we jump to that conclusion when we do not see the value of what is being said.

    We all benefit when we are allowed to see things from every perspective, without a filter or censor. Let the reader be the judge.

  2. Amen to TW’s final paragraph.

    I have been sitting here chuckling over a new Brand B discussion in which their moderator is asking if people want links to gaming sites. From what I can see, the replies are being moderated with a heavy hand. For instance, my reply of “Alas poor Yorick, I knew him well” is gone. Geez, don’t ask the question if you can’t stand the answers.

    I know that some people are easily offended by disagreement and strongly stated opinions, but that’s real life. I am a genuine hard head, but I can honestly say that my opinions on several subjects were swayed by people who were willing to challenge me. I thank them.

  3. twin wolf, bravo! brilliant summation.

    For anyone of you who use facebook, and want to be tapped into a new boquete forum, I invite you to join my group, The REAL Boquete. I’d like to think it picks up on what lee would have continued.

    If you don’t care to join, it is open to public viewing.

  4. I stopped reading Richard’s lengthy rosy prose months ago. He just rambled on about nothing except what a good person he was to have some native Indians as friends and what an expert he was on the canal and pushing his book (one of thousands that tell how wonderful their lives are because blah, blah, blah). And, then bashing a few people in his former religious group who have made sickening amounts of money from the “believers”. … and the list goes on. Most people can recognize sincerity. I always though Richard Nixon had a few loose screws before running for president; just like these character flaws go with Obama.

  5. Dear Don Ray, Richard should buy you a bottle of fine champagne for directing traffic to his blog. A hefty finder’s fee if a friend of yours buys his property…

  6. Although I take issue with Richard’s reprinting this piece of inaccurate puffery, I want to note, in all fairness, that historically he has advocated a “boots on the ground” approach to relocating to Panama.

  7. Thanks for taking the time to comment Bonnie.

    Yes, he often writes posts I agree with, but many times he softens his writing to make Panama more enticing such as some of his healthcare posts.

  8. Ray, As I explained to you, I don’t do “trackbacks”, as you know that is a choice on Word Press. I do post comments unless they appear possibly libelous, are personal messages, or have stuff that the writer may not want to have appear in a public forum, but want me to know, or links to other post/blogs unless I consider them pertinent.. And I sometimes do posts that are mostly others comments, good, bad and indifferent. I don’t do news, but share aspects of my life that some folks find interesting, and others don’t … fine. And I try to help people make informed choices about moving to Panama which, if you’ve read my book or followed my blog, you know.

    I met you once in Price Club and as far as I know you’re a nice guy and I casually do follow your blog and enjoy it, and of course have a link to ChiriquiChatter.net right on my front page, and as you know I don’t do many links.

    I don’t want to get in a Ning-like fight over an issue – “trackbacks” – or anything else for that matter. If you visit Boquete let’s get together for coffee. Best wishes, Richard

  9. Hi Richard,

    Nice to have you check in. I assume I have been driving more traffic your way and that is the reason. You are welcome.

    By the way, my first name is Don. No worries, that is a typical Panamanian mistake. A lot of Panamanians call me Señor Ray.

    Yes I know trackbacks are optional. You and I differ on their being beneficial to readers.

    Granted most trackbacks are spam and you do have to make a decision to allow them or not. I find it worthwhile to take the time to evaluate them. When another blogger or informative site sends a trackback, I usually accept it. I can understand that may you are too busy to be bothered with such trivialities.

    In your comment you said

    “I do post comments unless they appear possibly libelous, are personal messages, or have stuff that the writer may not want to have appear in a public forum, but want me to know, or links to other post/blogs unless I consider them pertinent.”

    I am confused as your words don’t seem to match your actions. In this post, I had three comment examples. One (with a link to my related post) was allowed on your site for a period of time and later deleted. That comment was on http://richarddetrich.com/2015/10/22/good-reasons-to-come-to-panama/ The second was not accepted on the same post.

    The last comment, that had no link in it, was not accepted on http://richarddetrich.com/2015/10/24/how-to-enjoy-boquete/ Now it appears I am under complete moderation for your blog.

    I saw nothing in them that you should have considered within your criteria for dismissal.

    “libelous, are personal messages, or have stuff that the writer may not want to have appear in a public forum, but want me to know.”

    Should I assume that you thought they were not pertinent?

    At any rate, I also don’t care to debate trackbacks further. I think they have value and you don’t. Case closed.

    I also consider this conversation closed unless you see something I have misrepresented and then I will happily apologize for causing you stress.

    I have always felt it was your intention to “…to help people make informed choices about moving to Panama”, which was why I brought my disagreement to the original post to your attention.

    I thank you for your most generous offer to “get together for Coffee”. If I am in Boquete, when you are not lecturing on a cruise ship, then it might be possible.

    Best wishes, Don Ray

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