Koki Say’s She Didn’t Do It

A strange thing has been happening when we have been out of the house lately. We leave and Lilliam always has one sofa looking like this.

We return and it is looking like this.

We look at Koki and her innocent eyes appear to be saying, “I can’t explain it. I didn’t do it”.

I’m not buying it.

11 thoughts on “Koki Say’s She Didn’t Do It

  1. ha! it must be a ring of sofa-messing-up bandits…we have a pull-the-stuffing-out-of-doggy-beds ring of bandits on our veranda. btw: is that a leather sofa? do you have any problems with mold on it? xo s

  2. DBC – No, it is a cheap chinese imitation that doesn’t hold up well. We have replaced its companion sofa with one from PriceSmart which is much higher quality and is excellent. It also is not leather,

    However, I have seen leather in other houses in David that show no problems. I had lots of problems with leather goods, when I lived in Boquete. The same items in David have not had a problem.

  3. Must have been a David” hater. I think all of Panama has mold problems. Some places more than others. My experience is that I have less of those problems than when I was in Boquete. I had VHS tapes destroyed, shoes I had to throw away. I even had to buy a dehumidifier when I was there and threw out a gallon of water every day or two.

  4. it is all about continually circulating the air. we have ceiling fans running 24/7/365 in every room, including bathrooms. we don’t have mold issues. i have a pair of suede pumps i wrap in newspaper & place in a satin-type fabric shoe bag….no issues there. newspaper seems to work for me. our house (windows) are also open 24/7/365.

  5. Try moth balls…my esposa is Panamanian and she and her family never have mold issues. Don’t ask I’ve no idea…. it just does.

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