Example of an Ugly American

The other day Deborah posted on Boquete Ning about three restaurants we have eaten at that she has liked.

An English challenged individual decided to respond with his review of the same restaurants.

First, most people know by now that Deborah is Marion’s daughter and is under tremendous stress because of the tragic shooting of her mother. Most intelligent people would be supportive and if she has had a small amount of enjoyment going out, they would have responded they were happy she was having food of her liking.

However, this charming fellow decided it was his challenge to tear down everything she liked.

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He didn’t like Mezcla Gourmet because he wasn’t served as fast as he liked.

Then he went to town on Tops. He complained about the quantity of the food, the price and an evaluation of whether Panamanian’s could afford it and that the quality was only fair. The Pièce de résistance of his evaluation was the following:

I drive by Tops everyday and rarely see a customer their. Its easy to get something from spoiled food here, and for this reason we try to go to a restaurant that has at least some type of business. I knew a woman in Boquete that her mother worked in a restaurant their. She worked in the kitchen and was told by the owner, That when a bowl came back in the kitchen with soup still in it, to pour it back in the pot on the stove.

Now anyone reading this, that didn’t know better, might assume two things. One that there is no quality control of the products and management instructs left overs to be reused.

Talk about nerve. First, this is a very new location (Opening in August of this year) and reputations are precious. Badmouthing a new restaurant can be the kiss of death.

I can assure you they use the freshest of products and get rid of anything that are not the best of quality.

Second, they don’t even sell soup. The implication that they would instruct an employee to put a customer’s soup back in a pot is libel. Law suits have been issued in Panama for such.

I have zero problem giving a bad review for a restaurant if it is deserved, however, if I think it is an issue management needs to know about, I will talk to them and not post it on the Internet.

If you ever wanted to have an understanding of what makes an ugly American, look no farther than than this individual posting on Boquete Ning.

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  1. Michael Johnson is the Ning name used by the person writing in response to Deborah. Might be his real name, might not be. He’s only one of several ”ugly Americans” in our area, with more arriving daily. Sad state of affairs.

  2. It is sad that some people are content unless they are complaining. I suspect this Michael fellow is one unhappy dude, and hopefully I won’t come across him when we move to Panama next year.

  3. Well, I responded to his comment, then he to mine, then me to his…. Let’s see how long this goes on for until we get shut down by the powers that be. He claimed I misread his statement, but I clearly stated that his comment was confusing when he was talking abou the soup as it was unclear where “their” (*there) was. He claimed I was over stressed.

    Today we went to Tops for some yummy salted caramel ice cream and of course I had to get my hummus to go! I love Tops! Their definitely Tops in my book! (Please sense the sarcasm in my use of their… I do realize it’s they’re) 😉

  4. We were at a local small restaurant and the poster woman for ugly american came in with a female friend. They sat at the next table over so we were forced to hear this woman. She started by arguing with the charming waitress about what should be called home fried potatoes. The piece-de-resistance came when she told her lady friend “we have to teach them THE language”. We had to move to the outside tables and away from this woman lest I say something “un-Canadian”.

  5. Really Don! This is normal.why is his review ugly. I have so many experiences of restaurants when the owner wasn’t there. I learnt to ask. The same employee can make something great or when the owner is absent awful. Not important if the client is foreign or Panamanian. If the owner isn’t there walk.
    Been here since 98 and I can supply you with many ugly Panamanian experiences!

    And you need to research more. Recycling butter, soup, chicken, this is normal in the industry no matter what country you come from. But don’t kill the messenger who I’m sure I don’t know.

  6. I agree with DRW’s assessment. It’s a shame the young lady’s experience was sullied by a butthead.

    There are some “ugly Americans” who have lived in Chiriqui province for several years, even before I arrived in 2010, who thrive on poisonous innuendos and conflict. They are now attempting to spread their poison to Facebook, picking on new arrivals. To me, they have some mental issues and are likely under a lot of stress.

  7. Thanks for taking the time to comment John. My concern and reference to “Ugly American” was in his comment about Tops. If you see no problem in how he wrote his review, I am sorry. You are in the minority.

    Also his challenging a young lady whose mother is fighting for her life is nothing less than rude.

  8. I typed something else but it dispersed in the either. Please tell us how much longer than 30-40 minutes someone should wait before being called ugly?

  9. thanks Don, for your comment, I’m challenged in internet speed, 3-5kb but felt most of my discussion was warranted because of restaurant reuse in every country. And I was replying about the first part of the post primarily.
    Challenging? Unless I don’t see something which is possible due to my connection it is a restaurant review!

  10. lynnie do you believe that restaurants recycle food. I wish they didn’t but I believe it. And you can’t respond directly to anything I said. Come on you can do it.

  11. And let me explain by ugly Panamanian experiences because I admit it wasn’t clear. I mean Panamanian friends complaining . This might clear up a little.

  12. John – if 30 min was too long for this man to wait, fine be it. the problem was when he started speculating that due to lack of patrons Tops could be selling spoiled food and also having a confusing comment about recycling soup was where he crossed the line. We all have our limits, and when one speaks in facts, that’s to be respected, but when one begins speculating and giving confusing information that can damage an establishment, there’s no respect there.

    If you read the whole conversation, you’d see I’d replied to him stating that his soup comment was confusing and asking him to clarify as well as saying that his speculating that Tops perhaps served spoiled food, even though this wasn’t his experience, simply wasn’t fair. To this he replied I had misread his statement and my reaction was due to stress.

    I then copied and pasted directly from his original post to point out the confusion. I have yet to receive a response – nor do I care. The point is to state the facts about a restaurant and not speculation or heresay. Be clear in what you say and if there’s (or in Michael’s case their’s) confusion, clear it up without personal attack.

    I also got told by another person that I must live in a different reality…. Not too sure what she meant by that, but I’m glad it’s different then hers as that was the extent of her comment. Must feel good to simply make a negative comment about someone without adding anything to the topic at hand…

    Oh well, off to my alternate reality… Hey Don – when we going back to Tops again for some gyros?? Heehee! Also, if you have 30-40 min to spare, let’s go to Mezcla Gourmet again and pass the time having a nice conversation while we wait for our delicious food. In my reality, it’s all how you look at things. For me waiting a while for some yummy food whilst talking to good friends isn’t a problem at all…. To each their own, I guess. 🙂

  13. My favorite comments are “I knew a guy who knew a guy whose cousin said he heard yada yada”. Hablando yucca. I could not read past “there” second misuse of the word, too painful.

    One thing is obvious to me, Deborah is most certainly Marion’s daughter; ask no quarter, grant no quarter. Haha Way to go, Deborah.

  14. Deborah there seems to be comments missing! My problem is 3-5 kb internet and having to refresh for 20+ minutes to see anything. Or overnight, I will bow out because something is missing in my context, like maybe on another chat?

  15. Deborah “Well, I responded to his comment, then he to mine, then me to his…. ” for example I don’t see this? Nothing previous.Not trying to be a troll Don but please explain?

  16. Doh, I should be reading another blog and using it as a reference here. Just made a comment on a random blog, please all follow and respond, thank you.

  17. And Deborah quickly before Don does a ning on me. Tops and spoiled food, yes speculation. But the comment about the soup is clearly talking about somewhere else. I don’t see it as confusing.
    What was confusing is making comments that referenced another blog without a link. Anyway Deborah I love gyros and will try your recommendation (one of the best you can find in Boquete) and great that your mother is recovering.

  18. John – the first line of this post here on Chiriqui Chatter is:

    “The other day Deborah posted on Boquete Ning about three restaurants we have eaten at that she has liked.” which contains a link directly to said post….

  19. For those watching STARZ “Prison Break” one character jumps out, not just for literacy nor ugliness. But doesn’t hold an Ugly-candle to the US-clown who urged the Alcalde of Boquete to cancel their annual celebration as it was too noisy for his taste. (Hey, go somewhere.

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