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Always good to get a good doctor referral.

Hi Don,

FYI, MSPH Care now covers med/Dr services at Hospital Mae Lewis.

Planning my hernia surgery, I got exams from 4 Drs; 3 at Hospital Chiriqui, 1 at Mae Lewis. I choose Dr Samuel Cattan Jr, who only practices at Mae Lewis, and does not float between both private hospitals. Meaning also, I choose Mae Lewis over H. Chiriqui, even tho H. Chiriqui is a much better facility; better to pick the Dr, not the building. Dr Cattan was the only 1 of 4 who thoroughly examined me, detailed my condition, and explained the surgery.

I had exams one day, had lab tests the second day, had surgery the third day, was released from hospital the forth day. Couldn’t have had faster than that! Much of that service due to the hand-holding of Dr Cattan. He personally walked me thru the 4 lab tests; he was there to greet me when I was admitted into hospital; after his surgery he visited me in my room; the next morning he post-op examined me and issue a hospital release. After 2 days convalescing, I bussed home to Bocas. A week later, I was back to my regular self. That only happened due to the care and skill of Dr Cattan. I cannot more highly recommend a surgeon.

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  1. Thank you for posting a good experience for the benefit of all of us. It’s always a comfort to know things went well and we can feel better when we don’t have to choose a doctor ‘out of the blue’. Is Dr. Cattan a general surgeon or a specialist? I assume he speaks English?

  2. Dr. Cattan speaks very good English. I have dealt with him a couple of times and he is an extremely caring individual.

  3. I have met Dr Cattan a few times, always found him to be a caring person. His English is very good and he goes out of his way to explain things. Highly recommended!

  4. It would be helpful (not prying) if you can give us some background on how the financial end of your positive experience worked?

  5. I like Dr. Cattan, too, but I wouldn’t want to be hospitalized at Mae Lewis. My husband was there for several days earlier this year, and he’s still talking about how bad it was: the food, the nurses, the lack of cleanliness. A few weeks later he was in Hospital Chiriqui, of which he’s a veteran, and said he didn’t think he would ever be happy to be back, but he was. There was no problem with our billing at Mae Lewis, however. Our insurer directly paid the entire tab except for the doctors, for which we were reimbursed timely. It’s been the same at Hospital Chiriqui with Worldwide Medical Assurance.

  6. Dr Serrud was excellent at Mae Lewis Hospital for pediatrics. He had me call him daily from home to monitor my son’s progress toward healing.

  7. Dr Cattan is an Internist and Surgeon. He speaks perfect English. Mine, being a simple hernia surgery, I choose H. Mae Lewis, a poor facility, because that is only private hospital where Cattan works. I found nurses competent and attentive. Had one meal, breakfast, 2 of 3 food items unrecognisable and tasteless; if there for a time, recommend having meals brought in.
    I have MS Panama Health Care Insurance. Per expanded providers, I was first MSPH Member to be covered at H. Mae Lewis. Admission was smooth. I was expecting to co-pay 30%, about $800. But, due to costs not covered by MSPH, I paid total of $1300. Not too much complaining, give level of service.


  8. The Cattan’s are a long lineage of surgeons. I believe Dr Cattan’s father operated on my mom in the mid 70’s in David. They are well know and respected.

  9. I too recently had double hernia surgery at Mae Lewis by Dr Cattan, I totally agree that he is first class and a very caring Doctor and can highly recommend him… Mae Lewis as a Hospital I feel needs updating and a little bit of polishing around the edges as far as the nursing staff are concerned although on the whole they took fairly good care of me… was not to my liking. The cost I felt was high considering the facility, but Dr Cattan was worth his charges.
    Following my Hernia surgery (few weeks later)! I had prostate surgery by Urologist Dr Ross, again I was very happy with him and would highly recommend him too, again the cost was high but he too did good job, I am currently recovering from both surgeries.
    In conclusion, as someone mentioned before, you chose your Doctor not the facility but probably Hospital Cheriqi would be a better choice Dr Ross does surgery there too.

  10. Hi Clive, Could I ask you, if not too personal to elaborate on costs for Hernia. ?? We have been recommended Dr Samuel Cattan, but we have no insurance coverage. Thanks in advance.

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