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I was requested to let people know about a new FaceBook group that has recently been created. It is called The Real Boquete.

The inspiration for this group was because of the sudden creation of many new FB groups, personal blogs, and for-profit internet sites offering “free expert help and advice for people who are considering, or have recently moved to Boquete” – by individuals who do not live in Panama, or have moved here in just the past few months. The objective of this group, The REAL Boquete, is to set the record straight by experienced, expat pioneers who have lived here for many years.

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  1. Joe, the creator of The REAL Boquete has lived in Panama for over 13 years, I would call that being rather well informed. No one ever used the word, expert.

  2. I agree that people who don’t live here or just moved here should not be giving us advice. Example – There was a speaker yesterday at the BCP who has only been here a month and was quite offensive in pointing out multiple things that she perceived to be wrong and “need to be fixed” in Boquete. Take these newcomer’s views with a grain of salt.

    Time living here does not necessarily make one “well informed” either. I have met people who have lived in Panama over 5 years and know nothing about the culture or life outside their tiny circle. Some expats I know just stay in their house, sitting on the computer all day. Many have not even attempted to learn Spanish. Their only exposure to Panama is a trip to the grocery store and occasional restaurant. They can type though.

    I don’t know anything about the person who started this FB page, so this is not negatively directed at him. A site with input from a variety of expats is a good thing. There are already several very good sites for Panama expats to exchange ideas. This is just one more.

    I do believe that there is a lot of mis-information floating around regarding being an expat in Panama because I hear it too. Do YOUR OWN research and draw from multiple sources.

  3. When I return to Chiriqui, I’ll get everybody straightened out.
    I’ve also figured-out Iceland.


  4. I wasn’t excepted to the group. It wasn’t because of who I knew or didn’t know, those same people got excepted to the group. You don’t need to be a member to read their postings, I just wanted to read about the “real Boquete” because I agree there are a lot of scams and misinformation out there. I also agree there have been some problems with Christians there but that doesn’t mean that all Christians are like this.

  5. Well, we are being warned about the influx of hoards of Christians descending on our little town, Boquete, some even bringing their Children, ecks. We are being encouraged to try to stop this immigration of anti-atheists by political means (oh wait, Panama is a Christian country by law that allows all religious freedom) so that won’t work! OMG (oh wait, I can’t use that) I’ll use OMN (oh my nothing), how can we STOP these Christians from polluting the air we breath. These people invading our country (oh wait, it’s not our country) our space is outrageous. What to do, what to do?
    How about:
    If the Panamanian people thought the same way that you do, you wouldn’t be here.


  6. Patrick, if these particular cultish infiltrators WERE true followers of the liberal teachings of Christ, they would be respected members of the community. They are bigoted, fanatics with a mission to convert local people to their warped beliefs.

  7. @Lynnie: In your last comment you ARE Exactly what you claim the INFILTRATORS are. Bigoted Fanatic fits you to a tee. This happens to be a FREE country and as long as nobody is cutting off heads, or killing. or raping or infringing on your freedom or committing any crime you do not have the right to try to ban anyone. INFILTRATORS!!! you make me laugh, I think that you are the INFILTRATOR, what chutzpah!!!


  8. Wry… Speaking of Iceland, I made an awesome clementine cake tonight. My secret is a touch of saffron and honey in place of sugar. O M G.

  9. Luckily for the new arrivals, if they decide to start burying buses for shelter, I know where there is a stockpile of Diablo Rojos. 😲

  10. One more thing, isn’t this pretty much how some people are everywhere? You can pick anyplace on the map and find some one or group who’s ticked off about ANYTHING, or a self declared expert at ANYTHING, or who wants to share their peace with others because it has helped them, or prohibit the sharing because they prefer to be in control. It’s called different personalities and human nature, not unique to Boquete. What’s the saying, wherever you go there you are? I remember being enlightened about the word argument just after graduating from high school. I boy from London came to work where I did, and he was SO wonderful to talk with. I remember being taken aback when he said American’s don’t know how to argue. He went on to explain that we know how to fight really well, but the art of arguing philosophical points with your mates at the local pub was something we just didn’t do well. The back of forth expression of differences of opinion. He was right then and sadly it’s only gone down hill. I must say I love hearing other points of view. If my view is so good I have nothing to fear from hearing someone else out, and if it’s got any holes, well, opportunity for growth is there.

  11. Dear ebbuliance,
    You make a great point. It’s just like that thing that ticks-off Zimbabweans about Icelanders.

    Why can’t they all just get along?


  12. patrick, i invite you to have a look at the Facebook group, the REAL Boquete. it will tune you into reality…
    btw, Panama’ is a Catholic, not Christian country. Big difference.

  13. Great new group, I would love if someone in it could invite me to join, as I was not able to locate the join button.

    It would be so nice if people could just stick with the simple rule of “IF YOU DON’T HAVE ANYTHING NICE TO SAY DON’T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL” life is too short for so much negativity. If you are not a fan of a blog or something you are in luck, leave the page quit reading it and do something more productive with you life that try to bring others down!!!

    I have learned so much from facebook groups like this one, we just moved to Panamá 3 months ago and live in Coronado area we do not have TV service with new, only Netflix and Amazon Prime. With that being said we get most of our news update information from facebook, so thanks for sharing!

    Live the life you Love and Love the Life you Live -Bob Marley

    Have a great day everyone.

  14. todd, yes, it is a great group! if you like, give me your facebook name and i will invite you to join. anyone can view the page as it is set to open to the public.

  15. this is a perfect example why i created the facebook group, The REAL Boquete.

    another local expat falsely selling panama.

    an excerpt on safety in panama…

    Panama is one of the safest countries in Latin America for tourists. Tourism crime especially is low. You won’t have to be constantly on your guard for pick-pockets or purse snatchers like in other countries in the region. Foreign residents will tell you how safe they feel in Panama compared to other countries in the region and it is only getting better. Under the new Varela government, effective measures are being taken that have already reduced crimes in general by 28%.”

    this blog post is from today, 22 oct 2015.


  16. Google Lynnie Ann English and decide for yourself if this is the person you want to pay heed to. While you are at it, read new member Lara Beeley on http://www.boquete.ning.com and compare her postings to Lynne’s Facebook page.

  17. Floyd, I think with enough time here you can determine what are valid comments and what aren’t. I think the new FBs are will raise questions that need to be answered.

    If it provokes thought and cause people to seek out the valid answer, then the site has market.

    Do you have a specific post on the new site that you disagree with? If so what is it?

  18. It would take a lot of time to read close to the totality of the postings over the years to see she has an agenda, which is too many expats in panama, and the Panamanians that support that. She is pathological about this, as google searches will show. Specifically her agenda causes her from time to time to be biased or careless in what she writes. The latest, specifically, and I quote “Why you must have a confirmed return flight back to your country of origin before entering Panama” is false, then she goes on to state why, which in my opinion is false and unfounded.

  19. Floyd, the FaceBook group is all I am referencing. If you are talking about something else, I am no interested.

    This post was strictly about the new Facebook group. To this point, the things I have read on this group have been reasonable cautions newcomers should be aware of. If it is in the new Facebook group, point me to it. A URL would help.

  20. Floyd, I found that post on the FB group. I am not sure I don’t agree. I am personally against the 6 month border hoppers.

    They cause a lot of problems for Panama and the U.S. Embassy. If you take more than one hop and can’t decide if you want to be here on a permanent basis, then I think that Panama should refuse to provide another visa.

    There is current problem with a gringo, who is sick, can’t pay his bills, has an expired visa and needs to be in a assisted care facility.

    The Embassy pretty much has its hands tied. What would you suggest for situations like this. No family to help, came here and didn’t qualify for a Pensionado card and fell ill.

    Not sure how it is going to turn out.

  21. Don Ray, my concern is inaccurate info being posted on her FB page and not being corrected, after being pointed out by others on the same FB. Lynnie has been booted off boquete ning by Lee and Fran multiple times under various aliases for cause, I personally don’t trust her veracity. A newbie wouldn’t know this. I have been here as long as you have, and as you know, it takes time to learn the environment, and to read posts over the years.

    The 6 mo visa is not the issue here for me on this. I do share your concern about having something untoward happening being here, or anywhere else for that matter, without having residency status.

  22. Floyd, I share your concern on all Internet sites. Those that haven’t been here long enough to judge for themselves can easily be mislead.

    There are multiple FB groups. Many require invitation, many can include or exclude and all have their own bias.

    However, I don’t worry as much about FB groups as I do about official looking websites. They tend to be the most dangerous. A good writer can fool a lot of people.

    That is the reason I am really sad to see the Boquete Ning site being run the way it is. As of now it looks almost worthless to me. With moderators that no idea of what Panama, Chiriquí, or Boquete really are, the moderation is worthless.

    I had hope for Chiriquí.life, but the site is cumbersome to traverse, and not as user friendly ad Ning. Maybe it can be tailored, but I hope it trims up quickly.

    I will always maintain, the best way to learn the truth is to live in the environment. Then you can sort the grain from the chaff.

  23. The mean spiritedness of her posts override the good that may be attempted. I wish you would not promote her site and the hate that is on it.

  24. T,

    I have not promoted the site. I was asked to let people know about it and have done so as I do with any request. The good thing about FB groups, is that you don’t have to be notified af any post on any group you are not interested it. If you are getting notifications and don’t want then, change your configuration.

  25. Good morning,
    Thank you all for the promotion to my group. The more viewers, the more popular it gets.
    I have a feeling that Floyd and Mr. T will prefer the group Boquete 411, the guy who made that page has lived here for about 3 months. I have lived here as a permanent resident for 13 years.
    Have a nice day everyone.

  26. I am always happy to let people know about sites that are related to living in Panama and specifically Chiriquí. It is up to each individual to determine if they want to spend time with the sites or not.

    It is just like watching ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, or CNN. each draws it own audience. I try to visit all and usually learn something I might have missed if I hadn’t.

    As I wrote above, you have to learn how to sort the chaff from the grain.

    A good source for Panama is the Panama News written by Eric Jackson.

  27. I think this site started with the best of intentions. Unfortunately, the administrator of this site apparently does not take criticism well. I find it strange that an individual who has spent so much time bitching and moaning about censorship on other sites sees fit to administer her own FB page with such a heavy hand. To each their own…

  28. Hi Gordo. I have enough trouble keeping myself semi-balanced. Maybe your comment here, about the New Site, will provoke more thought on its administration.

  29. Gordon’s got the hump because I finally had enough of him being a pain in the ass. He insisted on trying to wind me up on ning, and carried it over to my page. So, unfortunately, he was the first person I’ve banned. Too bad, he occasionally contributed good info. I have zero problem with people contributing useful information, but my page is not meant for comments to instigate personal confrontation.

  30. Well…you be the judge..rarely or.never had a comment moderated here on Don Ray’s site in about eight years. Never had a comment deleted or moderated on the late Lee Zeltzer’s site either. As I said, this is more about an administrator not being able to accept criticisms about either what they have written, or about the way that they delete comments that are critical of them. That being said, I’ve always agreed that people ought to be able to run their blogs or FB pages as they see fit. Good luck, Lynnie.

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