Tom McCormack’s Container #16 Arriving Tonight.

I just got an email from Tom McCormack and his container #16 left for David at 3PM and should be in David at 9PM.

He said he had mentioned to several people I would post the time, but understands if they don’t want to be in David that late.

He said his normal crew should get it unloaded.

Tom will be here next Wednesday.

4 thoughts on “Tom McCormack’s Container #16 Arriving Tonight.

  1. Looking forward to seeing Tom back….I was one of the ones requesting when the container would arrive……Thanks,

  2. I live across the street from Tom in the USA. My husband and I went to visit him tonight, as we will be coming to David in November and spending time with Tom. We are always seeing deliveries being made to his home here to be put in the containers coming to Panama. He had just gotten the word about the delivery and said the container will be unloaded in the rain if need be. Hope to meet some of you when we are there with Tom at the end of November.

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