Remember – It Is The Journey That Is Important

I know many have sworn off Boquete Ning, or like me have been banned for being one of the “controversially people”.

However, there is still reason to visit the site. The best reason I have found is the continuing journeys and adventures of Cloudless, learning to Relaxxxxx.

The desire for tomato soup was a journey that made my sides hurt. It had a different effect on Cloudless. Butt, where there is a need, there is a solution. You just need to relax and enjoy the journey.

His latest journey took him “Clean” to David and only his words can accurately express his joy in finding the product he found.

You just can’t afford to be a Type “A” personality, if you want to enjoy yourself in Panama. As Bob H. says, you have to Relax and enjoy the journey.

Cloudless’s adventures have had such a calming on me, I can barely keep my eyes open. Still I find myself wondering what new adventure and journey may befall Cloudless and that takes me back, to from which I was banned, for another gander.

Cloudless. Cloudless. Cloudless. Your fans desire more of your adventures.

Chiriquí Life may not have Cloudless yet, but it gaining more participants every day.

13 thoughts on “Remember – It Is The Journey That Is Important

  1. This post is really cryptic and perhaps an alter ego?

    Sign me: looking for DRW…

    On my list of 100 cool things about Panama, Chiriqui, et al…cloudless on ning would be 125 or 130.

    Good luck with that (said respectfully)

  2. only reason I visit now is for information…the only reason I visited in recent days was because of information…the reason I used to visit was because of information and the exchange of opinions without acrimony, slander & libel. When “it” no longer has unique information, I will visit elsewhere…and will participate. One site that is being developed and that was started a couple months ago is

  3. The only reason I visit CC is because of the awesome person who created it and who continues to provide unique content…and who genuinely cares about the lives of those in need. I know of no other web site like CC. On with the show….

  4. Yes, Mike, this post was making jest of the demise of a once powerful site with the passing of Lee. While intended to be humorous, the humor may have missed the mark.

    Still, it is good to see other sites jumping to fill the void that has been created.

  5. Cloudless is a hoot for sure. I had assumed it was of female gender though. But, he/she has created a great parody of new Ning, and a perfect counterpoint to the idiotic comment coming from its Clueless owner and administrator.
    I had wanted to see CL pick up where Ning left off, but Bud is a fanatic for putting things into pre-defined categories and the format is already tiring to use. It seems that the future for me will be using a combination of sites, including CC of course, to get the bigger community picture. Well … until I am banished.

  6. I agree that CL is more cumbersome than I would like.

    I liked the format and more grafical interface of Ning, but unless a miracle happens Ning will continue to lose it value.

    If CL fails I am sure something else will come along. I know another site is in the planning stages and could show up by the end of the year if CL falters.

  7. This comment on Ning would make me hope that cloudless is a she.
    Not that there’s anything wrong with that. 😊

    Reply by Cloudless on October 8, 2015 at 9:11pm
    Marry me Wry, puleeeeze <3

  8. Humor brings smiles and friends, cages bring frowns and sorrow. Which environment does Boquetening want to develop for us?

  9. Count me in as a new fan of Don and Cloudless. Chiriqui Chatter is a great example of how much better it can be to provide community service as a dedicated individual, without volunteer boards, corporations or political infighting.

    It is a model that I myself have recently come to appreciate and aspire to and Don is our shining example of how to do it with wit, sensitivity and charm. A class act and a tough one to follow. Hats off…

  10. It is so refreshing to see the humor as we laugh at the idiocy around us and at ourselves. There are some great writers out there. I enjoyed Marion’s anonymous post here on Chiriqui Chatter and I have been enjoying Cloudless over on Boquete Ning.

    I hope Cloudless makes her way to CL and here too. Everyone enjoys a Cloudless day.

  11. I have been reading Chiriquí Chatter for wow – almost 10 years now? Not as frequently as I did before we moved here, but Don – you were my #1 resource of what was happening in the area that we planned for years. Mission accomplished in 2012 and do not regret our decision at all. It has truly been a journey!

    Yeah I guess I am that Type A personality, but have really worked hard on tranquillo. What really intrigued me about this post?

    It was your words “enjoy the journey”. That is my approach and I will add make the most out of every day.

    The rest – which site, blog, whatever, is just a part of the process as far as I am concerned.

  12. You are right Valerie. Type “A” will kill you here. You have to take time to smell the roses. Even after almost 13 years, I still have to remind myself that every now and then.

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