Magic Jack and Apple OS X El Capitan

A short note on Apple’s Latest upgrade, El Capitan. I still use my original Magic Jack for calls to the U.S..

When I upgraded to OS X El Capitan, my Magic Jack stopped working. I still had one Apple MacMini that I had not upgraded and I hooked it up today and the Magic Jack works.

If you depend on the original Magic Jack and you use an Apple desktop, then the latest upgrade will kill Magic Jack.

You have been warned

8 thoughts on “Magic Jack and Apple OS X El Capitan

  1. I’m having issues with MagicJack since I upgraded to Win10 as well. Locks my computer up sometimes, won’t respond when you click the ACCEPT button when someone calls, etc.
    And it’s time for renewal! 🙂

  2. If my Magic Jack is not connected to my Mac Mini, only to my modem/router, do you know if upgrading to El Capitan (which I haven’t yet due to a number of power outages) will still affect it?

  3. If you have a newer MJ connected to a router, you will not be affected.

    I have tried to download and activate the iPhone MJ to no avail. MJ’s support has not been able to help me with nothing.

  4. I wish I had seen this before I upgraded to El Capitan, It kills Magic Jack. The MJ support people say they are working on this issue (So far No Luck) I made the upgrade mistake when I was in US a coupe weeks ago. Now I am back to my job in South Korea, after 8 years I now have NO Phone connection to USA..

  5. I have the regular MJ still and do have a new one the MJ plus still in the box. I am still running an old Windows and have no problems. Hence the reason I have not upgraded to the new MJ plus. Seems everytime I upgrade to something for the better, lol, it is not that way. So I keep my old Windows, old MJ and and that is the only way I can keep contact with my family in the states. I would love to be upgraded to all but I know the consequences. Oh and good luck with MJ support. lol You will be on the phone for hours and still have the same problema.

    George, can you get an older model laptop that still runs Windows vista or something and use the MJ from there?

  6. Hi. I have been a MJ user for many many years and this is the first time I’ve had problems with the application. My only problem with them is the refusal to compensate users for time where their services were unavailable for Mac users. I prepaid for 12 months of service. I think I might have gotten 6-8 roughly. I know I was down since Sept. Here is my conversation with them;

    Rhean: Hi, my name is Rhean. How may I help you?
    Tom D: I haven’t been able to use my MJ since the summer because OS X El Capitan isn’t supported. When will this be addressed?
    Rhean: I apologize for the inconvenience that you have encountered. Please bear with me as I help you with this.
    Rhean: Yes, it was already updated.
    Tom D: How do I fix this? Whenever I bring up the application it fails.
    Tom D: I’ve been without it for months and I paid for a year of service
    Rhean: Is the magicJack connected into the same computer you are using to chat with me?
    Tom D: yes
    Rhean: Do you see a dial pad up on the computer screen?
    Tom D: no
    Rhean: Please click the link and run the upgrade: .
    Rhean: Let me know once done.
    Tom D: I have to adjust my security settings as it doesn’t let the update run
    Tom D: it’s running
    Tom D: Thanks. What is magic jack doing for its customers for the months of no service?
    Tom D: I am due to renew this in Jan and I am a bit annoyed because i didn’t have this for months
    Rhean: Great!
    Rhean: I am sorry to know that.
    Rhean: Its been 2 months since it was updated.
    Tom D: How is anyone to know that?
    Tom D: I didn’t get an email, the application doesn’t direct to a point on the website alerting users.
    Tom D: The only way I find out is by asking you a few minutes ago. The last time I asked I was told it was being worked on. Never heard anything from you people since then
    Rhean: I understand.
    Tom D: Terrible customer service
    Tom D: I paid for 12 months of service and didn’t get that. Customers should be compensated for the months we were unable to use the tool
    Tom D: How do I speak with someone in management?
    Rhean: One moment please…
    Rhean: Please stay on hold.
    Rhean has disconnected.
    Charm: Hi, my name is Charm. How may I help you?
    Tom D: Hi, are you a manager?
    Tom D: I asked Rhean to speak with a manager
    Charm: Hi there, my name is Charm. Please give me time to review your previous chats so that we won’t start all over again. Thank you.
    Tom D: ok
    Charm: One moment please…
    Charm: Hi Tom, we haven’t informed or announced the fix for the El Capitan OS because Apple is still updating their new OS from time to time and we also keep updating Magicjack to work properly or start automatically with the new OS version
    Tom D: But what does that do for my months of lost service?
    Tom D: Months that I paid for.
    Charm: There is nothing we can do about it Tom
    Tom D: Well. I am sorry to hear that. I will be finding a new tool going forward come January. And I will also be alerting people about this experience to warn them that MJ takes your money and doesn’t compensate when they are unable to provide the services which were paid for.
    Charm: Okay
    Charm: Is there anything else I may help you with today?
    Tom D: No

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