Soup to Oh Nuts

This is too good to not share. On another unnamed site, an inspirational comment was penned not long ago inspiring people to “Relax and enjoy the journey”.

How often we forget this wisdom. I know I often get tied up in all sorts of mundane things and forget that it is the journey that is important.

Thank you Cloudless for showing how to apply the wisdom, that was so eloquently given, and how to enjoy the journey.

I am in the process of enjoying the journey to “hopefully” some good BBQ’d ribs on this glorious day. I must remember the journey and I must remember to remain relaxed.

I want to share Cloudless’s delightful story. Happy journeys to all today and remember to remain relaxed and enjoy the journey. Click on the following image to enlarge.

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3 thoughts on “Soup to Oh Nuts

  1. Crackers! Everyone knows how important crackers are. It is best if crackers are a little salty, it adds flavor. Without flavor and crackers, the journey quickly becomes boring.

  2. FB Boquete News – members are looking at and discussing the video made of the security meeting that took place in Potrerillos Abajo on Friday.

    Boquete Ning – there is an intense discussion about tomato soup

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