MC Update October 13

Well the story of the X-Rays is a little interesting. At least it gives one more perspective of how things work in Panama.

When I asked Marion about her X-Rays yesterday, she said they took her 4 times. The first time she got to the X-Ray room the technician was at lunch.

They took her three more times. These three times they did take the X-Rays, but apparently decided later that more were needed.

Marion said she was tired from them getting her in and out of the bed and into the wheelchair.

Tomorrow we will try to track down her physician to get a better understanding where we are.

Marion looked good today. Sorry that I have no more to report, but the good news is I have nothing bad to report.

4 thoughts on “MC Update October 13

  1. It’s a shame the left hand didn’t know what the right hand was doing and they wore this poor thing out. Hopefully it’s good news.

  2. All those x-rays are not good either. The radiation builds up. It sounds like she really needed a MRI and they are being the minimalist they are here in Latin America by not doing the MIR.

  3. Sending best wishes, warm thoughts, and funky electric magic unicorn vibration rays shooting down there through the ether for Marion and Deborah — and to YOU and yours, DRW!!


  4. One would think that if they are looking at tissue damage, ultrasound would be the technology selected. MRI is good for better detail over a larger area but not really the best choice for localized injury. Ultrasound equipment is very common but that may not be the case at Mae L. X-ray is best for bone injury but it may also be all they have.

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