Chiriquí Flea-market – Donation Table

I received the following notice of a special table being set up at the next Chiriquí Flea-market (Mercado de Pulgas). See this previous post for directions.

Donations for Marion’s Medical bills will be accepted at the Fleamarkets on Sat. Oct.17 and Sunday Nov.1/ 2015 at Chiriqui Storage from 10 am to 1 pm.


People that want to Donate can do it at our office week days 10 am to 3 pm and Saturdays 10 am till 12 noon.
We would deliver the money to Debra and or You.

Hellmut and Linda Partner owners of Chiriqui Storage

4 thoughts on “Chiriquí Flea-market – Donation Table

  1. That bill would scare me. I only wish that we could of heard Lee Seltzers statement that he said he was going to make about May Lewis hospital. I have had a couple of problems over their myself. But I had a problem down at John Hopkins too. That problem was that when I got out of major surgery the nurse forgot to put the socks on my legs to increase the circulation which aids in not getting a pulmonary blood clot which Lee died from. I called the nurse on it and he put them on 6 hours after he was suppost to. No attention to detail imagine that.

  2. Gordon, I think you are reading too much into Lee Zeltzer’s comment in his last blog post mentioning he had things to talk about after he gets out of Hospital Mae Lewis. He did not say anything about it being directly related to his hospital stay.

    Aside, Don Ray, specifically, who is it that is taking donations for Marion’s medical bills? Knowing who it is would make people feel more comfortable handing over money . I also wonder why there isn’t a pay pal account that sends the donations directly into her bank account? This method would make it far more reasonable for those of us who do not live near Boquete.

  3. Gordon, Sorry to hear what happened to you. As a nurse I can say it is very important every patient be self informed…if possible. To have a nurse-advocate at your side as well is a good idea. Sometimes it’s not possible …as in an emergency. That said, it pays to have a nurse friend to run your situation by. Compression stockings are important for any patient having had surgery, as is keeping the legs moving frequently. ( if nothing more than tightening the muscles and wiggling the toes).

  4. Lynnie, the Pedersen’s that run Chiriquí Storage will be setting it up and responsible for getting to money to Marion.

    I have a PayPal account that could be used if someone wanted it. I have used it for other similar situations.

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