Crimes Against Foreign Citizens Living In Panama – Proposal

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Request…Would you please run the following in Chiriqui Chatter?
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Crimes Against Foreign Citizens Living In Panama – Proposal

The Ambassadorial section of the US Embassy in Panama has the ability to address security problems of US Citizens with the Panamanian government. ( Likewise, other ex-pats living in Panama have their own Embassy officials they can contact with regards to their safety concerns. )

· As US Citizens living in the extended Boquete areas of Panama we can collectively present “our security and safety issues” to our US Ambassador in Panama.

· We can present the crime statistics and the opinion of our local police officials regarding the youth who are committing these life threatening home invasion crimes against American Citizens living in the extended Boquete area… and why the capture, arrest and release without prosecution of these criminals continues to encourage these violent crimes against American Citizens.

· If correctly presented, we feel working via our Embassy is the most effective means of motivating the Panamanian government to change its laws concerning under-age offenders committing the life threatening crimes against Americans…not only in the extended Boquete area but throughout all of Panama.

· We feel a group of concerned citizens (consisting of Americans living in the extended Boquete area) need to develop a proposal for the Warden to consider presenting to our Ambassador.

· Once the Warden is in agreement we anticipate the Warden (possibly accompanied by a few delegates) will need to meet with our US Ambassador (or their appointee) in Panama City to present our concerns.

· … American Citizens living in other regions of Panama can work with their Warden and Embassy in a similar fashion
… Ex-pats from other countries living in the extended Boquete area (and other regions of Panama) can work with their Warden and Embassy in a similar fashion.
Dale Jackson & John Sandeen

12 thoughts on “Crimes Against Foreign Citizens Living In Panama – Proposal

  1. From talking to the police last week, I don’t want anyone to think this is strictly a foreigner problem. The problem is affecting Panamanians as well as foreigners. The police were extremely frustrated that in a case such as Marion’s, minors 14 and under are released under current law.

    I don’t want the problem misrepresented. The other day when I was talking to my neighbor who makes pupusas, she had told me about a group of four young men watching their house. Everyone is concerned. Not just foreigners.

  2. Hi while I agree that this is a huge problem I think that it is more important for panamanians to contact their government. There is among many panamanians an anti american leaning. Better to get the Panamanians to put pressure on this law. It was created by and ex vice presidents wife, who happened to be Cuban, an expat. Maybe better that Panamanians put pressure on to over turn with our support.

  3. First. I do agree with Don. Crime is not targeted to Expats only. It is a problem that is affecting more Panamanians than expats. I think you can do whatever you want through your embassy but according to Foreign Relations I am so sure that the US Embassy would not be involved in a direct way. They could tell the Panamanian government about their concern about crime that involve their nationals but no more than that.

    I think that the best way to do this is working together with your neighbors: expat + Panamanians to protest and make your voice be heard. Use social media to express your concern about crime and minors not accountable to their crimes and how this situation could affect Panama’s tourism.

    Second I do not think you are right with the comment that there is an anti American leaning. That is not true. Sorry to tell you that but that is not correct. Unless you are what is being coined like “ugly America” in your own neighborhood I can tell you that there is not an anti American feeling among Panamanians.

    We in Panama laugh because that was the battle cry used in the 60’s, 70’s and even 80’s by the Communist Labor Union and Communist Student of the University. Now that there is no any American in the Canal Zone they lost their strength and now they don’t have any strong argument to protest.

    Panamanians are by nature friendly and not xenophobic. Panama is like the US, an immigrant country. Look the amount of Chinese people, Hindu People, Italian (President Martinelli’s father was an Italian immigrant), Colombian and lately Venezuelan. I describe xenophoby like “some discomfort and anger that is caused by the foreign person that do not respect the culture, the people, the customs and a lot of things of the country they are migrating.”

    The latest issues in Panama that could be called xenophobia was against expat from Venezuela that have an arrogant attitude, a total disrespect for this country and its people and some of them have set on fire the social media by posting rants, insults and bad comments about the country they are living now and its people.

  4. I agree with this proposal. Both Panamanians and Expats are all affected by these vicious crimes. Both communities need to do something. The Panamanian community are talking on the news about the gangs. Tonight on the news it was mentioned that in San Miguelito there are 40 gangs. Can you believe that! This will escalate until both communities make their voices be heard. It should as John and Dale mention, a written proposal of concerned Expat residents to be given to their Embassy letting them know our concern about these crimes. To tell you honestly anti-american leaning is not where our focus should be, I feel It should come from both communities. the Panamanians are complaining loud and clear and we should as well. It would show, we are concerned Expat residents of Panama worried for our safety and that, we do want to be the next victim. This is all have to say about this and will not go into rebuttal.

    By the way, Don thanks for all that you do for the whole community.

  5. I’m sorry but ROTFLMAO is all I can say. The chances of your group getting the police never mind the government to change the law is nothing but 2 chances…..slim and none.

    Better to start looking for a couple of pit bulls and a shotgun. You could also buy a sweet 4 camera wireless cctv set to catch the little bast##ds in the act. Then track them down and beat the crap out of them, before dropping them off at the police station with a copy of the tape.

    That’ll get everyone’s attention real quick.

    Good hunting to all and good night.

    Jim and his KidZ….

  6. Someone should inform these teenagers that Americans are seriously considering stringing them up and hanging them from the nearest tree. A message should be sent to them in a strong way. The adult or adults who are working with these teens should get the death penalty for sure.

  7. In a lot of ways the government is handcuffed in this situation. This problem exists worldwide. I am from Chicago and their is 600 murders a year their and they have very strict gun laws. These thugs are like cockroaches you catch 3 and the next day their is 30 more to replace them. The law is here that the police cannot detain a juvenile unless they have the consent of the parents. So you know where that’s going to go. My advice is to anyone living in a rural area in Panama is to expect the unexpected.

  8. I am proposing now here and I had proposed before to create a Volunteer group with too many USA retired Panamanian in Alto Boquete and others ANGELS. To help police and coordinated with police with radios and cell phones patrol sometimes in our cars the David street Las Lomas Pedregal.Late open Super marquet etc
    Stop the boredom help Chiriqui anti crime and dont complaint no more Angels was creatednin New York and others states Similar was created in Cuba to check in citizens CDRnand worked out. im a cuban Panmanian. Canadian citizens to joinn Angels email to me Protect Panana

  9. @Jim, the house where we used to live in Potrerillos had a security camera, was broken into a few weeks ago when the new owners weren’t there and they stole the cameras and the recorder, plus turned off the electricity out by the gate!

  10. I would like to add that one of the most important areas that should be addressed is Home Robbery Insurance. Every house should be insured for the unexpected catastrophic event but you should make sure that you have insurance for robbery (a sufficient amount to cover all your losses) in the event your home is broken into and robbed. You should have your insurance agent visit your home to assess replacement value. You should also take photos of everything valuable in your home (TV’s. Computers, Refrigerators, Appliances, Jewery etc…) and scan these photos and your receipts for everything valuable that you bought into your Computer. Then you should send a e-mail to yourself and your agent so that you have a record of costs associated with your loss in the event that you do get robbed. This way, after your get robbed, you can borrow or use an internet cafe to access your e-mail with all the information needed for claims, police reports, etc… BE PROACTIVE!!!

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