MC Update October 11

Again not much new to report. They are trying to get Marion to tolerate real food and that is going slowly.

Deborah has started to plan for visitations, when they are allowed. She has talked about setting up an email so that people can register a day to visit. Deborah understands it is frustrating to drive to David and want to visit Marion and be turned away.

The doctor has warned Deborah that a recovery from this sort of wound takes longer than normal and to be patient.

When Deborah has setup her visitation process, I will post it.

3 thoughts on “MC Update October 11

  1. As I have so monotonously and predictably sent genuine wishes of ease and grace to my Buddy lounging around and luxuriating down there in her bed, permit me to offer instead sincere wishes for grace and ease. If there’s a bright side to all this, at least you won’t have to worry about me lurking around your door with your legions of other friends and neighbors and loved-ones and fans and well-wishers. There’s that whole not-laughing-’til-you’re-ready thing, but I really hope we can then get a good ketchup on the chortles.
    Hey! Marion! Get well soon!
    Hey! Deborah! Don’t take any guff from yer Ma! (Well, maybe just a little ….)


  2. All of Boquete and Potrerillos awaits the day when we celebrate your 100% recovery Marion !! Hugs
    Alison and Bill

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