Anti Crime Rally

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Hi Don,
Can you please post this? Thanks, Linda

I have an idea I want to share with you, the community. We are ALL sick and tired of crime in Chiriqui; I’d like to sit back and do nothing, but I feel it is OUR – that is – ALL OF OUR – duty to work together and try to make positive changes we can live with. This is our chosen home.

We have the flea market every first Sunday of each month, and a secondary new one on the third Saturday of the month. The Sunday market attracts about 70 to 80 vendors and maybe around 500 people come through the market in the course of three hours (a good combination of Panamanians and gringos). Here’s my idea – we’ll set up a table, invite the mayors, Athena, police, media, and public. I see a questionnaire for both Panamanians and Expats asking for input about how to treat our maleantes – like a vote – to present to the powers that be. And this should NOT be the only anti crime rally – just another in series. Chiriqui Storage is centrally located, attracts crowds from David, Dolega, Potrerillos and Boquete, so why not go with the venue and use this opportunity?

I cannot sit and keep watching; I need to do, BUT I NEED YOUR HELP!! I need volunteers to help organize this. If you think this is a good idea please email me at for your suggestions and if you want to be a part of this. OR if you have a BETTER idea!! As Dianne said to me we need to keep the ball rolling.


Linda Pedersen — I cannot do this alone!

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