Pupusas and Precautions

I got a WhatsApp message from Rosita saying that there would be Pupusas today.

Deborah had never had them and said we should add it to our list of international food we had eaten lately.

We ate Mexican the other day in Boquete at Antojitos. We had Italian at Verona’s, We had Greek at Tops and now we have Salvadorian Pupusas from Rosita.

Rosita asked about Lilliam and I told her that Lilliam was in Panama City, but I had a guest that was staying with me while her mother recovered from being shot in Potrerillos. Rosita said it was really getting scary in Chiriquí.

Rosita said that yesterday afternoon she noticed four young men watching her house. She said she going to have to start securing the house more during the day.

I live in a good area of David and everyone is getting nervous.

11 thoughts on “Pupusas and Precautions

  1. oh this looks like some good comfort food! a gal here in boquete makes something like these but with cornmeal dough. she calls them gorditas & makes a secret pico de gallo. oh yeah….i have some in the freezer! i love chili over the cheese filled gorditas! xo s

  2. Well sounds like more and more we need to group as a community here. All communities need to shut and as well plea for some change to happen. The more the kids get away with the more they get away with….etc

  3. Well…I meant shout ,not shut. But yes shut the doors..and lock them too! Tell other communities what your community is doing. If you are using phones, cameras, alarms, phone lists..or all of the above, help other communities to start !

  4. I read this on facebook or somewhere awhile back, happened in Boquete:
    A neighbor of the victims, who spoke with them, wrote this:

    When Mingo and his wife, Yani, [owners of The Fish House] drove up and parked in his usual spot [at their house] at 10:30 P.M. three men accosted them when they got out of the car. A gun was put to his head and Mingo was kicked in the knee. The thieves took the money (night proceeds from the restaurant.) Then lights starting going on in the neighborhood and dogs started barking. The thieves panicked and fired two shots, one into the hood of Mingo’s vehicle. We saw the bullet hole this morning. No one was shot. Earlier, someone in the little store on the corner did see three men, with heads down, waiting in the bus stop across from the tower. They called the police to report this but no one came. I only have speculation beyond this. If the men in the bus stop were the men, then when Mingo left the restaurant downtown, these men were tipped off. This certainly follows the pattern of hitting on people when they leave their cars.

    When the houses are hardened against intrusion, the thugs attack outside the residence. In this case, the attack seems to be well coordinated.

  5. Is Rosita a chef in a restaurant? We had a restaurant in California a few minutes from our old house that we would have delicious Pupusas at on a regular basis. To say we are missing them is putting it mildly, along with missing mexican food as well. We live in Coronado area in Panamá now.

  6. Oh man we LOVE pupusas!! Back home in California we had a neighborhood Salvadorian restaurant that served them and they were the best! She would do beans, cheese and jalapenos for me (I am a vegetarian) If we make it up to that area soon we will be looking her up!! YUM!!! Thanks for sharing

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