Security Meeting in Potrerillos Friday at 5pm

I received a request to post the following.

SECURITY MEETING – OCT 9 at 5.00pm at the Potrerillos cruce park !!!
A security meeting will be held tomorrow afternoon 5.00pm in the Parque Surtapec ( little park at the Potrerillos cruce/crossing)…The Mayor from Dolega, the representantes,police and all interested public are invited.

Please put this out to all those who don’t read ning, neighbors etc. This affects everyone, not just Potrerillos residents. The officials and police are responding to calls and outcry from the public. They know something has to be done.

PLEASE show up in if you can and bring some of your workers.So everybody knows about this.

I would ask anyone with media contacts to get this out to them as well.

Gracias all.

Dianne Heidke

Gracias all.

Google Map to Potrerillos Cruse Park

9 thoughts on “Security Meeting in Potrerillos Friday at 5pm

  1. I sent some tweets to several news media about this activity. I will respond the information to them tomorrow

  2. Speaking from the experience in our town, it might be a good idea to have someone, anyone videotaping the meeting. We had a security meeting in Parque Central when we were having a rash of robberies and it seemed that afterward some of the most vocal participants were targeted. Please be vigilant and watchful for any suspicious activity as a public announcement of this sort also alerts the criminals.

  3. In my heart of hearts, I join with all who gather together to let their voices ask in solidarity how such heinous crimes are allowed to be perpetrated, and why such crimes are allowed to be perpetuated.

    Keep the faith, and keep the focus!


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