PriceSmart Security

We had to go to PriceSmart today and one thing I noticed was additional private security walking throughout the store.

I stopped and talked to one. I mentioned it had been about two months since I went to PriceSmart and asked if that was because of an increase in Crime.

The answer was yes. An example was females would come in with an empty purse and steal cell phones, food and other items. Then they would leave and have a taxi waiting outside.

He talked about minors being arrested and in three months they would be back on the street.

Crime is affecting the entire population and signs are visible everywhere, as demonstrated by the increase in security in PriceSmart.

5 thoughts on “PriceSmart Security

  1. This is the season. Starts srptember until dec. Same women. Everybody knows them. They get arrested by theolice then the judge releases them. So we syorw owner have to spend mote money in security.

    I have been to storr and seen them in action same way the did my store times. So i dont open the door to them.

    Police even circulated their pics. Its a group of approx 5 at a time. Simetimes they bring toddlers to distract employees while they steel.

  2. this deeply saddens me. only the lawmaker have the ability to change this. i believe that, especially in boquete, the police are really making a good appearance & doing their job as well as they can. the laws protect these lawless worms. sorry….just had to say it. xo s

  3. When criminals are punished there is very little crime. I give you Singapore. The same legal system as merry old England except criminals are harshly treated and hence very little crime.

  4. They should like the banks. Wand people and have the women open up their purses. I think the empty purse situation would soon end!

  5. There is NO easy solution to this problem. This is a third world country, not Singapore. Locking every criminal up would require untold amounts of Prisons to be built to hold all the criminals. This in turn would require untold amounts of MONEY to staff and maintain and provide for the welfare and training of guards and prisoners. This is Panama and it has a very small taxpayer base compared to first world countries. So where is the MONEY supposed to come from? Maybe if all the tax breaks and discounts foreigners enjoy were eliminated, some of that savings could be applied to the problem but that would only be a drop in the bucket. In Noreiga’s time, criminals were deposited on Coiba
    Island but it is now a National Park. Coiba Island was Panama’s version of Devil’s Island. From 1919 to 2004, the penal colony on Isla Coiba was home to the country’s most dangerous criminals as well as home to many who found themselves on the wrong side of the political struggle. So, my question is, what is a viable solution?

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