Multiservicios International De Chiriquí Has Moved

I picked up three letters yesterday from Multiservicios International De Chiriquí in their new location. They are down the street from MultiBank, Bansco, DHL.

This is the map they sent out to clients for the new location.


You have to look for the FedEx sign. There is no other sign.

I had considered changing my mail forwarding provider a while back when they changed their Miami address. However, they also changed the personal in the office and the new staff is much better. For my mail needs, they are still hard to beat. I can’t remember paying more than $2.50, for my mail, and it is always 3 to 5 envelopes.

I have learned in the past to not change mail forwarders because of price or service. I am glad I waited and didn’t move to another provider. I only receive mail here.

7 thoughts on “Multiservicios International De Chiriquí Has Moved

  1. I’m trying to decide what to do. My mail forwarding service just did a 50% increase per letter or groups of letters in a single plastic bag…from $2.14 to $3.20. Another service is $2.00 per envelope. I’ll wait for another month or two to review how many plastic bags with multiple letters I receive in a month…versus single envelopes.

  2. I have used the government Postal Service to handle my mail requirements for about ten yesrs now. Eight years in Costa Rica without a hitch. Now over two years here in David.

    I ship my products internationally through the Postal Service using their priority mail service called EMS. This is the acronym for Express Mail Services.

    I add the certified mail to my packages so I can track the packages.

    Priority Mail from the states cannot be tracked internationally, you have to certify it in order to get a tracking number. To be honest once it leaves Miami all bets are off. Panama may not enter their receiving it for several days or weeks for that matter.

    The only real grips I have are, the requirement to wrap packages in butchers paper, without tape, after they inspect the contents. Plus they will not allow you to have a supply of the EMS shipper receipts so you can type them.

    This is a cheaper service and I feel just as safe.

    When receiving packages from other countries, you will have to go through customs. I need not say more.


  3. I have been in Penonome for almost two years. I use the regular Panama post office exclusively and have never had any problems. I receive large envelopes and small packages all the time from eBay sellers without incident. Yes, the customs person will open packages in front of you and maybe ask a question but, again, no problems. I occasionally get hit with a twenty cent fee for something but basically it’s just $15 a year. Oh, yes, it is slower but, hey, I’m retired, what’s the rush?

  4. @ Cliff. I was told the same thing about the brown paper wrap without using tape and thought it was just the incompetent, don’t care customer service so often encountered here.
    It’s easier for me to mail packages from CR.
    By the way, how do you wrap a package in paper without using tape?

  5. William,

    I use Elmer’s white glue. I also have a P.O. Box in Paso Canoas on the Costa Rican side to get around some of Panama’s mindless rules.


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