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The Buffalo House Revisited

Last Thursday, Lilliam and I met Fran Hogan at the Buffalo House for lunch. My first visit to The Buffalo House is HERE and it contains directions and the menu.

On Thursday, we all ordered from the Lunch Menu (M-F Only), which gives you one entree, one side and a large bottle drink for $6.75.

Lilliam ordered the chicken tenders with Parmesan and garlic sauce. I ordered the pulled pork. I ordered pickles and it also came with a slice of american cheese. If you con’t want cheese, remember to say so when you order.

Lilliam took yucca and I took onion rings. Lilliam liked the way the yucca was done and I had onion rings the last time, which is why I reordered them.


Fran had wings and they are not pictured.

I think we would all say that we had a good meal for the price.

It is been a while since Fran and I had been able to talk. Of course we have been in touch via the Internet, but in person, it was oh so much more – I guess the word would be ‘personal’.

We talked about Lilliam’s and my visit with Marion and how this tragedy has turned a wonderful person and her daughter’s lives upside down.

We discussed how everyone is on edge because of the uptick in violent crime, and the frustrations of wondering what it is going to take before action is seen.

We also had fun commiserating about our banishment from Boquete Ning. We wondered how many of us that are out there and if there should be a reunion. Of course some of our favorites are still there either in their original persona or in newly created one.

We wondered if it would be appropriate to have t-shirts made for the reunion. We have the perfect image to put on the t-shirts.


It was a good lunch and I really enjoyed my visit with Fran. It helped remove some of the stress that I feel each day that Lilliam and I visit Marion.

I apologize for this restaurant post ending on a low note, but at the moment I feel a little low. I think crime and violence will get worse before real action is taken. I am reminded of the effect of these home invasions each day when go to Hospital Mae Lewis.

My superpower is making people laugh.
Which would be great if I was trying to be funny.

Chiriquí Is The Most Violent Province in Panama

On today’s TeleMetro morning news the commentator was talking about the increase in violence in Panama. TeleMetro is one of the country’s most watched TV stations and the one Lilliam listens to every morning to know what is happening.

The commentator said that currently, Chiriquí is the most violent province in Panama. Let that soak in.

The bread basket of Panama, where the majority of all agricultural produce originates. The home of Boquete, listed in International Living as one of the best places to retire. Chiriquí is the most violent province in Panama.

You have most likely heard the old saying, that it is actions and not words that make a difference.

I have been thinking about that some as a result of the two recent meetings in Chiriquí. The one in David, attended by Panama’s President Varela and the one in Boquete, attended by the Panama’s Minister of Security, Rodolfo Aguilera.

I think there was a large show of new vehicles including off-road 4x4s, talk about increasing police force and other signs which implied action taken. Continue reading Chiriquí Is The Most Violent Province in Panama

Hello Moon

IMG_0807On this morning’s walk the moon was up to greet us. We have missed a few days because of other activities and it is good to be back in the routine.

Lilliam got to visit with a friend of hers and they talked about the home invasions and how they need to be careful.

Lilliam told her friend if she heard anything, to not leave her bedroom and to call the police. The talked about how times have changed and how crime has turned violent. Lilliam’s friend lives alone and those are the ones most vulnerable.

It was a short visit, but I can tell what is on everyone’s minds.

Our walk continued and Lilliam’s spirit was not dampened. Besides the moon was up smiling at us. It is going to be a good day.

When we got back to the house, the news was playing. The commentator stated that the most violent provence in Panama is Chiriquí. English speaking residents, most likely didn’t listen to the news.

The moon is up. My spirits are up. However, crime is up too. Be careful out there.

MC Update October 29

It has been about six days since my last update. Long enough that I have received lots of questions, emails, phone calls and I feel an update might be in order.

For those just tuning in, this is followup to THIS POST.

Marion sends her appreciation for all that have sent and continue to send her good wishes and are keeping her in their thoughts.

She is still weak and over the last week, there have been ups and downs. She has been on and off solid foods and is currently back on. By being on solids, you should no assume that she is able to tolerate complete meals.

She gets full with just a couple spoonfuls And when she feels full she is not comfortable. She sometimes feels nauseous after having eaten little. I wasn’t able to see the doctor today, but will try later today or tomorrow.

We were surprised to go one day just after the police had left from getting Marion’s statement. Apparently they were there about 2 1/2 hours. Obviously they needed her statement to continue their investigation. Continue reading MC Update October 29

“And in preparation for takeoff we’d like to ask you to pretend to put your phones in airplane mode.”

In a previous life I was that bird that keeps flying into windows.

October 27th Security Meeting at BCP in Boquete

There was a meeting today at the BCP in Boquete. It included a presentation by Rodolfo Aguilera (The Minister of Security for Panama) and was attended by Emigdio Walker Vasquez (Mayor of Boquete) and Juan Arauz (The Boquete police Chief).

For a synopsis of the meeting, click HERE.

I can see that some of the things that were presented at the last Warden’s meeting at the U.S. Embassy are being implemented.

It was mentioned, in today’s presentation, that some of the programs were were being used in New York, and if I remember right, our presentation at the Embassy was given by an ex-member to the New York police, who was working with Panama officials.

It is also important to note that today’s meeting followed President Varela’s meeting in David on related topics yesterday.

This is a beginning. Today there is talk. With tomorrow, I hope there will be more action. Some actions have already been taken with measured results.

From looking at the Boquete presentation and reading about yesterday’s meeting, I see a lot was aimed at drug trafficking. In the area of gangs it appears that they are working to offer gang members other opportunities and enticing them to leave.

What I didn’t see was an acknowledgment that crimes by minors need appropriate punishment.

I didn’t attend the meeting and that may have been covered.

Crime Awareness at the Chiriquí Flea Market

An email I just received.

Hi Don Ray,

Preparations are nearly complete for our crime awareness rally this Sunday, although I can use more volunteers between 9:30 and 1pm. (Volunteers only need to take the questionnaire on the clipboard with pen provided, and say “disculpe” to Panamanians as they are on the property, and ask them to look at the crimes committed and ask them to please fill in the questionnaire.) Oh, and then I will take the results, and make copies for, all the government officials to see; Dipuda Athena Athanasiadis, Mayor of Dolega, Governor of Chiriquí, etc.


This is the program, very simple, mostly aimed at Panamanian citizens:

I will have the following 2 lists in Spanish:
1. Crimes committed in Chiriquí 2015
2. Questionnaire to citizens about crime, their awareness, and what to do to change it. Here they are in English:


1. Caldera murder and home invasion – August
2. 2014 Food Box robbery – Volcancito
3. 9 year old kid around Super 99 road in David shooting the shop owner
4. Recent robbery in David at the Do It center
5. Home invasion and attempted murder in Potrerillos
6. Home invasion and injuries by pistol in Potrerillos
7. Robbery in Brisas about a month ago (stole electronic stuff)
8. Robbery in Skateworld about a month ago
9. Robbery of people we know in Gualaca a week ago
10. Attempted break in in Palmira
11. Robbery in Potrerillos – $1000 tools taken from a friend’s house – September
12. Robbery at Handicap Center – September
13. A couple robbed of household belongings and 2 dogs, Boquete
14. Armed robbery of the owners of the Fish House in Jaramillo Centro
15. A couple robbed at gunpoint in Santa Lucia
16. An indigenous guy in Jaramillo – sister in law returning from her job in Boquete and was attacked near Romeros (she later died)
17. Beverly Hills Garden – Los Algarrobos – October – robbery of $1500 from staff and clients
18. Los Algarrobos, Panamanian family theft of jewelry and 2 laptop computers – no one home


Are you aware of all the current crime?
Are you aware of the ages of the offenders?
Many are underage – should they be prosecuted like an adult, released to their parents, and/or wear an ankle band with a chip in it and be forced to do public work?
Do you have a legal weapon at home for protection?
What are your suggestions for keeping a safe neighborhood?

Do you have boat horns or other devices to warn neighbors?
In the last year or two have you been affected by home invasions?
Have you ever been broken into? With violence?
Neighborhood in which you live.
What was the follow up?
Did police respond and was anyone caught?
If so, who?
How were they dealt with?
Should the law be changed to allow minors (under 18) to work legally?

Name________________________________________ Cedula#________________________________

(Thank you for your participation; your responses will be delivered to the proper government authorities so your voices can be heard)

Linda Pedersen If you want to help please call me at 6503-7756