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Construction in David

I recently learned more about the new Federal Mall. What I now understand is that it is scheduled to be built in four phases, each adding 100 stores. That may paint a different picture than many have in mind now.

This is essentially what occurred with Plaza Terronal. It took two phases to get to its current point. If you remember that development, it took years before all of the locations had stores in them. Plaza Terronal was scheduled to be a three phase development.

Therefore, no one should assume that there will be a 400 store mall in David in a couple years.

Yesterday, I took part of my morning driving around David and taking some snapshots of a small fraction of the building that is underway or recently completed. My mind is boggled by enormity of change in the time I have lived in Chiriquí.

When you add the new Federal Mall on top of the current construction, you have to wonder who and what is going to fill all these spaces.

Now let me pose a different thought. All of this construction has provided a tremendous opportunity for construction laborers. This includes those working on the InterAmerican Highway.

One of these days the InterAmerican Highway will move out of the construction phase and into the maintenance phase and require less laborers.

One of these days all of these current constructions will get to a point of completion where they need to be occupied and start paying for the investment required to build them.

One has to wonder where these laborers will go following the construction currently in progress. Of course this is be several years out. Continue reading Construction in David

Know those adorable idiosyncrasies you loved when first dating? After 20 years of marriage they become what the police refer to as “motive”.

Kaffas in David


Today for lunch I tried a new restaurant that has be open for a couple months. It is called Kaffas.

As you can see from the sign out front, they are offering lunch  from $2.75.

The menu contains simple foods including Hamburgers, pizzas, tacos, nachos, sandwiches and more.

They serve sodas, fruit drinks, beer and mixed drinks.

I had two soft beef tacos and enjoyed them. They were nice and spicy and had a good flavor. I will return to try more on their menu.

If you stop in, tell them you learned of them from Chiriqui Chatter. Click to look at the Google Map for the location, which adjacent to Parque de Madres.

Boquete Ning Continues to Evolve

As I mentioned in my previous Boquete Ning Post, Boquete Ning has been purchased from the Lee Zeltzer’s estate as a profit oriented site.

The site continues to remove those that don’t think or speak as is mandated by the site.

The latest ejection from the site was Fran Hogan, who assisted Lee in moderating Boquete Ning for several years.

She had just resigned her post as moderator and made the following post on Boquete Ning to tell people of her resignation.


Her post and membership was removed.


The site is evolving into a “Think as I think and do what I say site”.

Too bad. It used to be a site of free thought and speech and a place to learn about Boquete. I think Boquete Ning is headed to the ER. Recovery is not certain.



Sometimes when you’re faced with an unpleasant task you just have to dig down deep and find the strength to get someone else to do it.

First Visit To Panama

The first of this month, my cousin made her first visit to Panama. It was our first time seeing each other in over 60 years. Speaking for Lilliam and I, we had a fantastic time.

My cousin flew into Tocumen Airport, where Lilliam and I met her as she exited customs. From time of arrival until she exited customs took over an hour.

We took the Riande shuttle to the hotel, which would be our departure location for tomorrow’s tour.

I had scheduled a day tour of Panama City with Skybliss Travel, run by Vasco Sanso. I had also contacted Vasco to pick up Lilliam, who had flown to Tocumen a week earlier, and take her to her daughter’s house ($30 from Tocuman to PC). Having a trusted driver from Tocumen is a good thing to have.

For our day tour, Vasco sent Lino Daniel in the photo below. Lino is a retired U.S. Embassy employee, who gave us a fantastic day. Our day was not rushed and he spoke excellent English for my cousin. He had lived in New York, so my cousin felt she had a kindred spirit with her on the tour.


He covered the tour in English and Spanish, so Lilliam could ask any questions she had as well. Continue reading First Visit To Panama

Super 99 Revisited

A little over a year ago, Super 99 opened its new store across the InterAmerican Highway from Plaza Terronal.

As I look back on that post, I was not all that impressed. What a difference a year makes. Recently I have made several trips to the new Super 99.

There have been a couple things that Rey did that caused me to take another look at Super 99.

The first straw was when Rey removed several products, that I always purchased, to make room for their “Rey” branded products.

The second straw was the lack of ice cream choices in Rey. Not only choice limitation, but I have picked up more than one container that had been thawed and refrozen. Yuck.

So I decided to take a second look to see if my missing products happened to be in Super 99. Son of a gun. My latest walk-throughs have found a very nice store. The isles could be a hair wider, but there seems to be much more variety than in Rey.

If you like ice cream, Super 99 has more brands and favors than in any other store in David. Not only that, but they have Friendly’s Ice Cream. You may not know this brand, but when I lived in Virginia, one of my favorite outings was going to a Friendly’s Ice Cream store.

Three Hagen Daz pints will run you close to $18. One 1 1/2 quart container of Friendly’s will cost you around $5. To me, the Friendly’s is every bit as good. I have had “Banana Split”, “Maple Walnut”, “Vienna Mocha Chunk” and “Fruit Swirl”. My favorite is Maple Walnut.

The only complaint I have, and the thing that prevents me from shopping there more, is that I hate the aggravation of having to cross The InterAmerican Highway.

Who knows where I will be shopping in the future. RIBA Smith?

Wine doesn’t have many vitamins. That’s why you have to drink a lot of it.

Recent Armed Robberies

There have been two recent armed robberies in David. One in San Mateo, where the owner of a small grocery was shot and killed and one last night in Plaza Terronal’s Do-It Center.

Plaza El Terronal – Do-It Center Robbery

In both cases one of the robbers was taken into custody. Panama really needs to take a hard look at the lenient laws related to minors. If a minor is caught committing a crime, they get nothing more than a slap on the wrist and are soon allowed to be back on the street.

This promotes gang violence and crime and has to be addressed, if Panama wants to change the growth in crime.

The Do-It Center robbery occurred at closing time. It should be a reminder that you have to pay attention of your surroundings especially if you are going to Plaza Terronal in the evening or night hours. Getting money from ATMs at night is not the best of ideas.

I would think all small business owners and restaurants will have to start being concerned again about evening robberies. A year or so ago, restaurants were targets in the evening hours. Many restaurant owners would unlock their doors to let you in and then re-lock the doors to protect their clients.

Every time Lilliam gets ready to visit her daughters and I am staying here alone, she spends an enormous amount of time reminding me to keep the doors and backyard gate locked at all times. She reminds me to take Koki out to pee no later than 6PM and then close all blinds.

Many might think she is overly cautious, but she has lived in David over 30 years, so I know she speaks with experience.

I really hate to see crime increasing and hope the Panama government focuses on the problem, especially crime committed by under aged minors. More police will not cure the problem, if there is no real punishment for minors committing crime.