Message for U.S. Citizens:

Following is the latest ACS message.

Due to the presence of high tides on the Pacific Coasts, SINAPROC (Civil Protection Authority Panama) has issued a “Yellow Alert”, which advises all inhabitants on the Pacific Coast to take preventive measures due to high tides which could cause flooding in coastal areas. In their announcement dated September 25, 2015, SINAPROC indicated that high tides of about 18 feet are expected to continue until Saturday October 3, 2015.

A “Yellow Alert” is an advisory for individuals about high tides during a specific period and to warn the public to avoid coastal areas in the Pacific, due to unsafe swimming conditions and possibilities of flooding. The ETESA’s (Empresa de Transmisión Eléctrica) Hydrometeorology Department has also posted related information which includes recommendations to avoid unsafe conditions.

The alert indicates that the months of September, October and November are the rainiest of the year. Rivers and streams can overflow when heavy rains coincide with high tide, causing flooding in vulnerable areas.

SINAPROC also indicated that there is no restriction for swimming in beaches as long as safety preventive measures are observed. U.S. Embassy Panama advises all individuals to heed this warning until the Yellow Alert has been lifted.

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  1. I would like to get a PO Box in Miami. You have been recommended.
    Thank you.
    Irma Murray

  2. Not sure why I was recommended since I dont live in Panama anymore. Just remember that mail forwarding addresses cannot be used for POL notifications.

    I used eShop in Boquete fir all packages ordered from the US and I had a PO box in the David Post Office.

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