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Yesterday, I drove up to Boquete and went to the E-Shop. Click for the full Google Map.


I have received three items shipped to the E-Shop address. Everyone I have talked to have been very happy with the service provided. I am no exception.

This last time, I had two items shipped. The one in the larger box weighed less and cost $7+. The smaller item weighed quite a bit more and was $12+. The delivery time frame could not have been better. It took 4 days from time of order to receipt in Florida and 7 days later to be received in Boquete.



If you do not know about E-Shop in Boquete, let me introduce you to Karinthia Lamastus, who is seated and Kent Lamastus who is standing. They will take care of your needs from helping you with Internet orders to contacting you when your order is received. For more information, contact them at eshopboquete @ gmail.com (remove the spaces).


12 thoughts on “E-Shop Boquete

  1. These are two of the kindest most business orientated individuals I have done business with in Panama. Their service is second to none. They also have a maritime rate for larger shipments for a lower price when your not worried about receiving your shipment in less then a week. They ship many boxes to David and Volcan via Fletes Chevale for a small extra fee if you don’t want to drive to Boquete. In my case this I drive because this gives me an excuse to enjoy the romance of the Boquete mountains and treat myself to the best fish tacos in the world at Big Daddys or the best American style breakfast in Panama at Sugar and Spice. I only wish that their was more businesses in Panama like E- Shop that were so polite, positive, and professional.

  2. I love that all they need is the tracking number to process your shipment. No opening your package either. I disliked the one I was using before because of all the BS they tried to pull and the high prices that kept going up and up.

    eShop is great and Karinthia is a pleasure to deal with.

  3. For me…they have the best rates…and the best customer service for package service. I’m getting ready to change to them for mail service because individual mail rates at my existing mail forwarding service in Boquete recently (in the last month) increased from $2.14/letter to $3.20/letter (50% increase…is this good business practice for a letter in an envelope???). E-Shop Boquete charges $2.00. Karinthia understands customer service.

  4. Don’t you know when they loose a package, which they do, you will never ever be reimbursed.
    Its been over a year and nothing but lies. Overpriced lies. Use Servitechnics. No BS with them
    also in Boquete next to the Choco shop on the road where Anna Sweets is. No annual fee and you always get your stuff.

  5. Sorry you had a problem. I have used 5 different mail forwarding services. You can always have a problem with any company you use in panama. I had problems with all and have found EShop to be the most responsible of any I have used. I always have my tracking information and the value of what was shipped.

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