Report of Break-in around the Nuevo David/Emerald Drive Community

The following report was posted on Boquete News on FaceBook. Neighborhood watch groups work. The YouTube video above shows the three individuals walking the Nuevo David/Emerald Drive Community neighborhood in Boquete. If you see individuals in your neighborhood, that don’t seem to belong, record their activities and notify the authorities.

Report of Break-in around the Nuevo David/Emerald Drive Community, by Michael Moore.

About 4:30pm, neighbors noticed 3 individuals walk into our community and continue down one of the connecting streets in our neighborhood. These individuals didn’t belong in our neighborhood. So the neighbors got in their car and drove a couple blocks to a house where they saw these folks walk to. When the good neighbors got close to the house, they observed two perps outside the back of the house by a barred window looking in and who appeared to be chatting with a person inside the house. When the good neighbors pulled up, the perps took off running to the far side of the community where there is a creek. This was about 4:45pm. The police were called and they arrived within a few minutes. The neighborhood whatsapp security group was contacted and told there were thieves in the area. When my wife and I arrived about 5:20pm, Captain Arauz and two police officers were onsite…and other officers were patrolling the larger area.

It was believed that one of the perps might still be in the house. So, the owner was contacted and he gave permission for neighbors to enter the house to search for the perp. The police concluded that the perp who got into the house, slipped into the house through the 1 foot square security bars. The neighbors loosened the security bars and entered the house. Above the windows with the security bars were two large unsecured windows through which a quick escape could be made and booty from the house sent out. The security bars were flimsy and of poor quality. The property did have a perimeter defense system…but it was turned off. A search of the house by 3 neighbors showed no one was inside. One neighbor observed that the TV was in the process of being wrapped and that stuff in the house had been shuffled about.

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  1. Getting ones dweling robbed, yep happened to me in Las Naranjo, Boquete. Last may/june 2015. The silver lining is that it got me in a place where I had to restart my life immediately by leaving Boquete and panama. Thanks Dario Belenfente for robbing me/my residence because of his delusions and what ever other mental problems he may be suffering from, hopefully not effecting others negatively but that seems to be unlikely as its his way an pattern of life. Quickly my life returned to a turn for the better an is so much better now and though it would not seem like I would be thanking a thief, Im quite ok with it. Only thing I regret is that Dario and I didnt get to share a jail space in Boquete. Cheers!

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