Interesting Conversation With Señorita Lucy

This morning I had to take some supplies to Robert in Hogar Santa Catalina.

It is only a few blocks away from Viajes Crisol and I saw Señorita Lucy’s car parked out front. I decided to stop in and say “hello”.

We spent close to an hour talking about what I was doing, about Lilliam and Natalie, about the blog, about warden activities, change in Panama and about crime.

The first part of the conversation, I handled in 100% Spanish. I am sure she was chuckling inside, but she tolerated my Spanish. She is easy to talk to, in Spanish, because she pronounces words very well and slowly.

Related to growth, she said she thought Panama’s exploding growth since the 1988, was almost more than the country could handle. So many skyscrapers in Panama City placing extreme stress on the infrastructure.

She had concerns about the rapid growth in David and concern when many of the major projects completed and began releasing workers.

We talked about crime and she also expressed concern with the amount of juvenile crime. She said that her business, the business next door and a third across the street had been broken into in the previous three days.

She said that a curfew had been announced, but she didn’t see a curfew solving the problem.

As we were talking there were three young men walking together across the street. She followed them with her eyes. She said she has always been a trusting person, but now when she sees a group of young men walking around, she pays attention to determine what their intentions are.

It was a good visit. Seniority Lucy is always fun to talk to and a source of contacts all over the province.

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