New Amazon Fire Devices

On September 9th I wrote that I expected Amazon to release a new Fire TV because the current model was out of stock on Amazon.

Amazon did update all its Amazon Fire devices, following Apple’s announcement. The Fire TV got the biggest upgrade supporting 4K TVs, a faster processor, and adding support for AC WiFi.

The 4K feature won’t be worth much in Panama since the bandwidth to stream 4K movies will be much higher and streaming standard definition is a challenge in Panama.

The announcement said that the Fire Stick and Fire TV would support Alexis, which is Amazon’s counterpart to Apple’s Siri. The Fire TV will ship on October 5 and the Fire Stick on October 22. To support Alexis, I assume will mean an OS upgrade. There was no OS announcement, so I will have to wait and see.

I don’t see any change to the Amazon Fire Stick other than they are charging $49 to include the remote with voice control or $39 for the standard remote.. The processor and memory appear to remain the same.

While it looks like the Amazon Fire TV is lagging behind the new Apple TV, it is also $49 cheaper. For my needs in Panama, it still appears that Amazon Fire Stick or Fire TV are the better buys since the systems are open to installing KODI.

I would probably buy a Amazon Fire TV, if I could get it here cheaply. I would just move the living room Fire Stick to another TV.

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