AntiVirus Software is Needed By Everyone

AvastMany years ago Apple promoted its products as being immune to viruses and malware.

Of course this was never true. It was only because Apple had such a small share of the market that it wasn’t a target.

Any operating system is vulnerable to malware and viruses.

On my Mac gear I run AVAST. It does a good job and every morning I get notices when it detects a problem.

I still have people tell me they are going to switch to Mac because they want to move away from computer viruses.

Mac does still have fewer viruses and malware specifically written for it, but it is not immune.

11 thoughts on “AntiVirus Software is Needed By Everyone

  1. Recently I returned from a Florida trip. I brought back with me a Dell laptop with Windows 8.1. A free trail of McAfee came with it. I used McAfee until their offer expired. Then I uninstalled it and loaded Windows Defender which comes with Windows 8.1. (Windows would not install Defender until I uninstalled McAfee.) So far so good.

    I had the opportunity to do a free upgrade to Windows 10. I decided to hold off and read about other people’s experience before I tried it. A friend tried it. He said 10 was good if you use lots of apps and cloud for storage. He also said Microsoft’s new search engine, Edge, still needed lots of work. He uninstalled 10 and went back to 8.1. For him 8.1 provided what he wants to do.

  2. Tried to upgrade to Windows 10 and just can’t get past the ‘product key’ requirement even though I input the correct one. Last try, it screwed up my harddrive so bad I had to restore everything with my imaging software backup.

  3. I am old and not computer literate and Mozilla Firefox has been taking care of NOW, There is a message to sign into Firefox with Yahoo. I am there. Been there. YAHOO was hacked into and I was not able to send e mails and most of my info was lost until I waited. I tried to compose for 2 hrs for my husband’s insurance and nothing got through. I tried to run a copy -0-. Then Another (2) friends, hacked into. God Bless us ALL. I do not know what any of you are talking about with the net. DUH

  4. @Charlotte H., you are younger than me. I am 77. You are never too old to learn new things. You have to have a positive mindset and a desire to learn. Lacking that you will never get off square one. Mozilla Firefox is a Web Browser, is a E-mail client. Two different things not related other than you use the Browser to access the site. Search the Internet to learn, anyone can learn if they want to.


  5. Another vote for the free version of Avast anti-virus software. We have used it for years starting in the workplace, then at home. Never had an issue it couldn’t handle. Frequently I am advised about unsafe websites. Recommended,

  6. BEIJING – Apple Inc. has removed some applications from its App Store after developers in China were tricked into using software tools that added malicious code in an unusual security breach.

    Why are developers in CHINA developing code for Apple, isn’t there enough developers in the U.S. to develop Apple software? SO YOU THINK THAT APPLE IS TROUBLE FREE? HA HA

  7. These are IOS apps not desktop apps. Apple quickly removed them from the App Store. With all the problems with malware, I am sure Google is glad to see Apple have some problem. However, Android retains the crown of the most exploited Mobile platform.

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