Helados JTO – Boquete

IMG_0657Antonio Errante owns and operates Helados JTO in Boquete in the shopping area adjacent to the bridge that crosses over to the fair grounds. When my cousin was here from New York, this is one of the places we dropped into in Boquete.

While Lilliam and my cousin Joy were shopping in an shop next door, I slipped into JTO to take a look. One look told me I had to get Lilliam and Joy to have some ice cream before we left Boquete.

The ice cream took me back to the ice cream Lilliam and I had in Rome and with good cause. Antonio hails from Sicily.

The ice-cream was fantastic. If you visit Boquete and don’t stop in, you have missed a real treat.

However, the biggest treat for us was when Antonio took to the keyboard and serenaded the clients. I am including a short clip to give you a taste of the entertainment.

To get a taste of the fabulous ice cream, you will have to stop in yourself. Photos don’t do it justice.

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10 thoughts on “Helados JTO – Boquete

  1. Agree….the ice cream there is great, and we visit, maybe too often. BUT on another trip you must try the authentic Italian Gelato shop. The recently married couple (about a year ago) are back in Italy until November. They are located on the street above the main street (a block up behind you if facing the park from the main street, and 1 block to your left when facing the park. There’s a Gyros sandwich place, a veggie market, and a clothing store on each corner of the intersection. Gelato is next to the clothing store….same building.

  2. Couldn’t agree more. The ice cream was great and the owner was a kick. He was singing and humming softly as he filled our order. I told him, in my atrocious spanish, “Muy bien musica”. He smiled, gave us our order and promptly went to the piano and serenaded us. It was so refreshing! One of those little “jewel” experiences that we had in Boquete and one of the little reasons we are moving there in March. Hopefully our spanish will be better!

  3. Is it ice cream or gelato? The pictures of the “metal trays” are very gelato-like. We LOVE the gelato at Ghiatto’s but he’s on vacay til Nov 1…we’ll have to give this shoppe a try soon!

  4. We’re wondering why Antonio is calling his Gelato “Helados”-we would not have stopped in if we didn’t read your blog cuz we’re Gelato lovers, having been to Rome and beyond! But I suppose the opposite could be true, eh? “You say Helados, and I say Gelato”! 🙂 Either way, thanks for the clarification Don. We can count on you!

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