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Snakes of Panama Workshop – 6 October 2015

I received a request to post the following.

FREE workshop – A detailed workshop lasting about 2 hours, including information on:

Why care about snakes anyway?
Snake concerns in Panama
Identification of common Panamanian snakes
Living around snakes safely
Training workers and assisting local residents to understand snake
Special session for small children followed by supervised activities.
The lecture and workshops are both free. We appreciate donations made to Team Snake Panama. We also will take orders for our bilingual field guide, The Venomous Snakes and their Mimics of Panama and Costa Ricaand Team Snake Panama t-shirts.

We also plan to have a representative from Maps of Central America offering maps and guides for sale with a percentage of proceeds being donated to Team Snake Panama. Check out for information on available material.

Location: Skateworld of Boquete (about 1.9km south of Centro Ivan Mercado in Alto Boquete)

When: 1:00pm – 3:00pm

Please plan to purchase drinks and snacks at Skateworld of Boquete if you would like refreshments.

If you have any questions, please contact me at

If possible, please register prior to Tuesday so we can get a reasonable headcount so that Skateworld of Boquete will know how many tables & chairs will be needed.

Here is the link to register. Each person attending should fill out a separate registration form. If your family has 2 adults and 2 children, you should fill out four registrations.

Dr. Julie M. Ray
Team Snake Panama & La MICA Biological Station
El Copé, Coclé, Republic of Panama

Message for U.S. Citizens:

Following is the latest ACS message.

Due to the presence of high tides on the Pacific Coasts, SINAPROC (Civil Protection Authority Panama) has issued a “Yellow Alert”, which advises all inhabitants on the Pacific Coast to take preventive measures due to high tides which could cause flooding in coastal areas. In their announcement dated September 25, 2015, SINAPROC indicated that high tides of about 18 feet are expected to continue until Saturday October 3, 2015.

A “Yellow Alert” is an advisory for individuals about high tides during a specific period and to warn the public to avoid coastal areas in the Pacific, due to unsafe swimming conditions and possibilities of flooding. The ETESA’s (Empresa de Transmisión Eléctrica) Hydrometeorology Department has also posted related information which includes recommendations to avoid unsafe conditions.

The alert indicates that the months of September, October and November are the rainiest of the year. Rivers and streams can overflow when heavy rains coincide with high tide, causing flooding in vulnerable areas.

SINAPROC also indicated that there is no restriction for swimming in beaches as long as safety preventive measures are observed. U.S. Embassy Panama advises all individuals to heed this warning until the Yellow Alert has been lifted.

E-Shop Boquete


Yesterday, I drove up to Boquete and went to the E-Shop. Click for the full Google Map.


I have received three items shipped to the E-Shop address. Everyone I have talked to have been very happy with the service provided. I am no exception.

This last time, I had two items shipped. The one in the larger box weighed less and cost $7+. The smaller item weighed quite a bit more and was $12+. The delivery time frame could not have been better. It took 4 days from time of order to receipt in Florida and 7 days later to be received in Boquete.



If you do not know about E-Shop in Boquete, let me introduce you to Karinthia Lamastus, who is seated and Kent Lamastus who is standing. They will take care of your needs from helping you with Internet orders to contacting you when your order is received. For more information, contact them at eshopboquete @ (remove the spaces).


U.S. Embassy Outreach in Boquete


I stopped in to the U.S. Embassy Outreach at the Boquete library yesterday. It was nice meeting a lot of new people and seeing several old friends.

I spoke with ACS Chief Cynthia Caplan this morning and she said they provided service to over 150 U.S. citizens and didn’t get done until after 5:00 PM.

Today, they were making their visits to the men and women’s prisons in Chiriqui.

Renault comes to David

David is soon to have a Renault dealership. With that, those that purchased a Renault in Panama City will not have to depend on the Panama City service.

Click to enlarge

The dealership is in the Chiriquí Center (Home of Verona Pizza). Click HERE for the full Google Map.



NOTE to self: Verona Pizza is not open on Tuesday. Why won’t this register in my mind. I went by to get a Pizza and that was why I noticed the Renault sign.

Report of Break-in around the Nuevo David/Emerald Drive Community

The following report was posted on Boquete News on FaceBook. Neighborhood watch groups work. The YouTube video above shows the three individuals walking the Nuevo David/Emerald Drive Community neighborhood in Boquete. If you see individuals in your neighborhood, that don’t seem to belong, record their activities and notify the authorities.

Report of Break-in around the Nuevo David/Emerald Drive Community, by Michael Moore.

About 4:30pm, neighbors noticed 3 individuals walk into our community and continue down one of the connecting streets in our neighborhood. These individuals didn’t belong in our neighborhood. So the neighbors got in their car and drove a couple blocks to a house where they saw these folks walk to. When the good neighbors got close to the house, they observed two perps outside the back of the house by a barred window looking in and who appeared to be chatting with a person inside the house. When the good neighbors pulled up, the perps took off running to the far side of the community where there is a creek. This was about 4:45pm. The police were called and they arrived within a few minutes. The neighborhood whatsapp security group was contacted and told there were thieves in the area. When my wife and I arrived about 5:20pm, Captain Arauz and two police officers were onsite…and other officers were patrolling the larger area.

It was believed that one of the perps might still be in the house. So, the owner was contacted and he gave permission for neighbors to enter the house to search for the perp. The police concluded that the perp who got into the house, slipped into the house through the 1 foot square security bars. The neighbors loosened the security bars and entered the house. Above the windows with the security bars were two large unsecured windows through which a quick escape could be made and booty from the house sent out. The security bars were flimsy and of poor quality. The property did have a perimeter defense system…but it was turned off. A search of the house by 3 neighbors showed no one was inside. One neighbor observed that the TV was in the process of being wrapped and that stuff in the house had been shuffled about.

Dealing with idiots is like soccer.
You can use your head, but a swift kick is usually more effective.

Exploring KODI

As the result of my previous IPTV post, I received some questions and it may help of I spend a little time walking you through the installation of KODI and give a brief description of the features that the TVMC installation provides.

Note before you start, that you will need a high-speed Internet connection to enjoy Internet streaming.

First, lets install KODI. I have installed it on multiple Android devices and PCs. I am currently using a $39 Amazon Fire Stick and think it is hard to beat for the price to have KODI on a TV.

Lets assume you want to check out KODI and see if it provides value for you before investing in a stand along Android box.

The easiest installation I have found is to use the TVMC installation provided by tvaddons.

There is a short YouTube video that will tell you something about tvaddons, which is one of the primary providers of add-ons for KODI.

Below the YouTube video, are the sources of the downloads for what ever system you are going to install on (Mac, Windows, Android, Fire Stick, Linux and others.)

For the purpose of this post, I will focus on just Mac and Windows. Click on the appropriate “install” and it will take you to the page for that device type. There is also a good description telling you how to do the install after the download is completed.

If you have installed an application on a PC before, I don’t think you will find this difficult. Continue reading Exploring KODI