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More Regulation Enforcement at the Frontera

I have seen complaints lately by people being upset because the border at Paso Canoas is becoming more strict. HERE is one of the latest issues.

I meant to write a post about the increased border enforcement a month ago and got distracted and forgot.

I for one, approve of their enforcing the laws better. It is happening on both sides and not just on the Panamanian side. There is too much criminal traffic at the borders and a crack down has been needed for some time.

If you have been to the border lately, you should have been impressed with how the area between the two customs area has been cleaned up.

Once you pass through the Panama customs area, You are now in Costa Rica, even thought you have not reached the Costa Rica customs check area.

When I first moved to Chiriquí you could drive through the Panama customs area and park on the Costa Rica streets. You can no longer do that. I shouldn’t say you can’t but you are wise not to.

It is just as well. If you were to have an accident, your car would be impounded in Costa Rica and a healthy fine would be imposed. In the past,

I also used to walk over to the Costa Rica customs area to meet Lilliam’s daughter that was coming to visit. I no longer do that.

Lilliam and I also used to drive to see Lilliam’s uncle, who lives close to the border. We no longer can do that.

You can’t get upset when countries control their boarders. I wish the U.S. would control theirs.

When Lilliam’s daughter comes to Panama and buys things, she is obligated to pay duty when the products are taken into Costa Rica. Sometimes she is lucky and sometimes not.

You can go to the border and buy liquor at the duty free area much cheaper than normal Panama prices. You can only do that if you have your passport. The duty free stores could care less who they sell it to as long as they are not Panama residents.

However, if you are a permanent resident of Panama, then your out of country passport will not apply because the duty free is to be used by those who are not residents. The stores will not ask if you are Panama residents. They just want a sale and they will just record you passport.

That is the same reason that duty free at airports deliver your purchase on the plane and not when purchased.

If large purchases are made on the Panamanian side and you don’t want possible problems, then make sure you get a receipt. Use your smart phone to send yourself the GPS location of the purchase, if you are making a substantial purchase.

I carry an Embassy Warden letter in my car, so I really don’t worry about being harassed. However, if you are a U.S. citizen and feel like you have a complaint that you are being treated different than a Panamanian would be treated, then contact the American Citizen’s Services unit of the U.S. Embassy in Panama City.

While the Embassy won’t get involved in legal cases, they can verify that Americans are not being treated differently than Panamanian citizens.

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