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Today, I visited my friend Dario Quiroz and his students that are learning conversational English. It has been a while since I had stopped in to see Dario and it is always a pleasure to be involved with his students.

I met four students today. Three are in the photo above. and one came a little later and I didn’t get her photo. However, I may get her photo another day because she has a new Venezuelan restaurant and I may drop in to give it a try. She said all the food is typical Venezuelan.

The students are Anise, Stephanie and Sasha. I hope I got their names right, but if I didn’t they can comment and correct me.

Dario’s students are always the best. While English is taught in the school system and is mandatory, it is not necessarily a desired course by the students.

The students, that go to Dario, want to learn English because they see that it will help them to get a better job. There isn’t anything I enjoy more than helping students learn. It is always beneficial for students to hear English spoken by a person speaking his/her native language.

Most Panamanian teachers, including Dario, will have a Panamanian accent, when they teach English. That is to be expected. Dario has always gone out of his way to try to get native English speakers to visit his class so the students can practice hearing a non-Panamanian accent.

I enjoy these conversational sessions. You might too. If you think you might like it, see if there are any english conversational classes and volunteer to participate. You will be surprised how good you feel for helping the youth of Panama.

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  1. Please send me the info, too, Don. Just the other day I was sorting through my photo albums and came across the pics I took when we did the same thing with the youngsters at American School.

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