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Today, i got chastised for writing about technology and was told to understand that all readers are not literate in technology. The comment touched a nerve and my reply reflected it.

Slightly interesting is that the post was on Pupusas and technology was just the notification method to know if pupusas were being made.

Yes, I often write about technology that I feel is important to living in Panama. If you are going to move to Panama, I believe you have to learn the language (Spanish) and you will need to use some technology.

Another related post to why I post about technology was in written in 2013.  Every year I get new readers and new comments wanting me to tone it down because the post covers areas those readers don’t understand.

My uncle will be 100 next May and every week, when I talk to him, he passes on new information he just picked up in the news paper or on the TV. No one reading this blog is too old to learn new things.

I am sure you have heard that a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing. If you move to Panama from the U.S. or other first world country, you will be forced to use some technology. The comment, that inspired this post, said his/her first use of the computer was to use SKYPE to communicate with family back home.

While the PC is a good tool for communicating back home, it is also a good tool to allow bad people to take over your life. Privacy information being stollen is growing by the day. If you only know how to turn on the PC, you probably don’t keep your operating system up to date. You probably don’t use strong passwords and you leave yourself open to more problems that you can imagine.

I could not get by in Panama without a smart phone. This wasn’t the case when I first saw Chiriquí in 2002. Today, I get emails and messages from the U.S. Embassy, Neighborhood watch notices from WhatsApp, I use Viber, Line, FaceTime, MagicJack and WhatsApp to communicate with family and friends around the world.

You may think that technology has nothing to do with living in Panama or any other Latin American country. Think again. You will be forced to use it and you better understand the benefits and the risks when you use it.

17 thoughts on “Technology and This Blog

  1. Right on! Your column, comments, info, passion are welcomed by more people than not. Keep up the great work Don. The Chatter is invaluable!

  2. Holy cow, Don! I don’t understand all your tech posts but I really appreciate them. You help me keep up with developments and I miss not being close to you to get more advice.

  3. If some of your readers are not interested in tech gadgets, then they are free to not read that article. Whining about uninteresting posts is a control issue with them. Do your own thing Don.

  4. When I read the newspaper or surf the net, I just pass over articles that don’t interest me. The same goes for blogs. For every one that doesn’t know what Whatsapp is, for example, there are hundreds do. As many readers as Chiriqui Chatter has, it’s impossible to write articles that every reader would enjoy or understand.
    Let the chips fall where they may, and keep on truckIn’!!!

  5. I’ll be the 1st to admit that I haven’t kept up to date on the recent advances in smart cell phones, Internet Devices, Apple Products, etc. I did update to Windows 10. I came from the early days of Computing, where knowledge of Dos and programming basics were key. Self taught advanced to managing computing for 30 users and maintaining relational databases. Long story Short, I enjoy your writings on technology and how you are applying them to life in Panama. Thanks for the insight & education

  6. It is you blog and you should write about what ever you wish to. I always find you blog very interesting and often very informative.

  7. There are a lot of other things people should be complaining about than your technology blogs….For goodness sakes, their lives must be pretty wonderful if that’s what they are focusing their complaints about…..I don’t always understand what you are writing but since we are moving there we are interested in EVERYTHING you write about…..if it gets to technical I just skim thru that part…..BTW we will be staying in David on Sunday night (23rd) & Wednesday night (26th)….I know you write about different restaurants so where do you think we should go those 2 nights for authentic Panamanian food???

  8. Not necessary for me to write this…but…you know there are many of us who appreciate your tech talks and info sharing. I have saved money, improved my IT security, and made different choices about the technology I use by reading your blog entries. Thanks again for all your help.

    an old fart

  9. When I moved to Panama, I left all the technology behind. I don’t even own a phone now!! Too cumbersome and always ever changing. There are more important things in life to do like Surf and chase sloths!!!!

  10. Susie – Typical Panamanian food! I guess that would be what is called comida tipica and usually very inexpensive.

    If you are in downtown central David, there are two MultiCafe’s which have buffets. Everything there is pretty typical and not expensive.

    There is also a cafeteria on the side of Super Baru on the InterAmerican highway that also will give you taste of Panama.

    If you want a different Panamanian experience, you can try Mario’s. While it is really Mexican food, it will be filled with Panamanians, so that must be authentic Panamanian food for them.’s-bar-grill/
    If you want Italian, there is and and

    One of my favorite restaurants was Mosto Bistro, but I understand it is closed and Fulvio has opened a food truck at night lost to Super Baru.

    Cuatro’s has a Panamaian Chef Luis and all of food has a Panama flair.

    I also like Mar del Peru for Peruvian food.

    Looking at the blog’s restaurant lists, I can see it is very our of date. Any post on a restaurant that is older than 6 months has the good chance of being for a closed restaurant.

  11. I, for one, have benefitted multiple times from your lucid discussions of your experiences with hardware, software and online services. Please keep them coming. It is quite easy to search the internet for education on any subject, but particularly so in the field of information technology.

  12. So enjoy all your blog. I have learned so much reading the varied topics you cover. The effort you put forth is very appreciated,

  13. I appreciate all you put on the net, but I am 73 and not computer literate. That is my problem(s)….I have no idea how to correct errors and on 8/l7 the Mozilla Firefox crashed and what I spent over 2 hrs to submit for my husband’s surgery bills was erased. Do again….One other thing is that I looked into my pictures and my docs to save the info I got together and SAVE….NO….erased. Then I got into my draft folder and I thought my info would be there — NO. Then I got into Spam (didn’t open) but there was a curse word on it and the start was “F and forget about e mailing your buddies”. What I originally tried to send said that my recipients were not available. I hate computers and stupidity. Then I got into my credit card and it was in Chinese. AM I NUTS OR WHAT?

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