New USTVNOW Observations

On a previous post, a commenter said he was having trouble with USTVNOW hanging on KODI. I had not tried it, so I could not comment. In fact my past trials of USTVNOW had not been very favorable do to the quality of my picture on my PCs.

Well yesterday, I activated USTVNOW on KODI on the Amazon Fire Sticks. I only have the free version installed. On the Fire Stick, it is actually pretty good. I don’t know why it is so much better than when I last tried it, but it is worth watching.

I don’t know if the quality would change if it were a more heavily watched program such as the Superbowl, but it has been decent last night and this morning.

I did have a couple time when USTVnow froze and I had to restart the Fire Stick to get out off it. In each time, it was because I hit the return button, on the Fire Stick remote,  instead of stopping the channel to change to another channel.

It was not perfect, but enough better than my previous experiences, that I felt it was with mentioning.

3 thoughts on “New USTVNOW Observations

  1. Do you know where to find the “log file”. I do everything and get to the point of selecting a tv show from the USTVNOW selections and nothing happens and it says to check the log files and I can’t find thm

  2. HI Don, I have been using USTVNOW for a long time, a year or two, and I never had any problema with it. I use the free channels. I dont know what the Kodi or the Amazon Fire Sticks are, so I cant comment on that, but straight thru the pc, mine comes on great. I have never had any trouble, although a few times when trying to watch the Blacklist, if I come on late, it might say, sold out seats, but that has been my experience with it.

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