Dra. Inés Chang and Metro Optica Have A New Service

Friday, we stopped into Metro Optica to see Dra. Inés Chang because Natalie needed new glasses. Dra. Inés has been my personal eye physician since Dra Susan left Optica Lopez.

I think Dra. Inés is great and has done an excellent job of keeping up with my eye needs.

In the past she has recommended a couple different ophthalmologists, when she felt I needed their service. I used one who visited Mae Lewis from Panama City.

I have good news. She now has a team of three ophthalmologists in her Metro Optica office. They are Dr. Miguel Wong, Dr. Julio Silvera and Dr.Hector Castro. They come in from Panama City at the end of the week. I met Dr. Julio Silvera on Friday.

They can take care of cataracts, glaucoma, or other surgical needs. Surgery will either be done in Hospital Chiriquí or in Panama City, depending on the situation. Dra. Inés said they bring a wealth of experience to David.

For normal eye needs you can see Dra. One and if more is required she can set up an appointment for one of the other doctors.

If you stop in to see Dra. Inés or one of her associates, tell them you learned about them on Chiriquí Chatter. I asked Dra. Inés if I could update her photo and she graciously agreed.


12 thoughts on “Dra. Inés Chang and Metro Optica Have A New Service

  1. Dra. Inés is WONDERFUL. I can’t say enough about what a huge help she was to me. She’s absolutely my first recommendation to anyone needing help with contact lenses.; that’s her specialty & she really knows her job.

  2. I also had a great experience using Dra. Ines. she got me into some lenses that were a better prescription than the one I had from the U.S. The exam was thorough and free (not like the $70 I paid in the U.S. She also fitted me with prescription eye glasses for $100. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone!

  3. Dra. Ines is terrific. She accommodated my husband in his wheelchair, examined his eyes, and determined the current prescription was as good as he can get. She couldn’t improve on them with a new prescription. She did not charge him for the exam.

  4. At my age, I would never see an optometrist for any reason. I have seen too many people have problems and one lady who lost the sight of an eye because she wasn’t seen in time by an MD. If you need surgery or have a real problem, you will have to see an MD eventually, why not immediately? My son lost a leg by going to a podiatrist instead of an MD.

  5. I’ve always done both. My ophthalmologist is awesome: Dra. Sonia Gordon. Her office is at Hospital Mae Lewis. I love Dra. Inés because she’s right there, on the front lines with someone like me, who needed help with the contact lenses I bought at Optica Metro. They’re both wonderful and each has an important role in my eye care.

  6. Dee. Many people don’t need an Ophthalmologist. Dra. Ines will be the first to tell you if you need one. That is what she with me.

    Part of the reason for this post i to notify people that she now is in association with a team of specialist from Panama City if you have that need.

  7. Hi Don, Just to keep you up to date, I was having a problem also and after checking my eyes, Dra. Ines had me see Dr. Silvera. They then decided I have to see Dr. Young at Mae Lewis next week. He apparently has a machine that does the peripheral test. Hopefully, they will get one of those at Metro Optica and it really will be a one stop place for eye care.


  8. Turned out I didn´t need to see Dr. Young, a good thing as he wasn´t there. A very nice lady did the peripheral test and we dropped the results off at Dra. Chang´s office about two weeks ago. Dr. Silvera apparently is not there on a weekly basis. When he returns, he will review the test results. It didn´t sound like Dra. Chang knew when he would be back. In time, a specialist will most likely move to the David area.

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