Paint Ball and Pupusas

Yesterday I received a WhatsApp message, from Rosita, that it was the day for Pupusas. We went over around 6:00 PM.

On the premises is also a Paint Ball game area. There were a bunch of students waiting to play. I went over and asked who was better the guys or the girls. The girls claimed they were better.

I took a photo of them prior to them entering the gaming area. After I took their photo they wanted a photo with me.

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They were having a special school party and that was why they were.

They were all good kids and I enjoyed talking to them.

Several people who had been there in the past did not recognize where the entry was. It is to the left of the paintball gaming area and the house with the pupusas is behind the gaming area.

Don’t forget to get on Rosita’s WhatsApp notification list if you want to know the day of pupusas.

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