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Sometimes I make a mental note and then forget where I put it.

An earthquake hit Las Vegas. 1,200 Elvises were all shook up.

Cable Onda Internet Modem Dies

My Cable Onda modem died that controls both the Internet and the phone. No lights on the unit. It is dead.

I called Cable Onda and they scheduled an appointment for Tuesday between 7:30 AM and noon. How nice of them. No internet for almost three days.

This is Panama and that is what you learn to expect.

This is being posted via my iPhone and Claro.

UPDATE: The problem turned out to be that my UPS went out. I am bypassing it and back online. Wasn’t Cable Onda Modem after all. However, it was a good test of their service.

The older I get, the more I lose my looks. But I’m also losing my eyesight, so it’s not my problem.

I like long walks on the path of least resistance.

Saving $10,000 A Year With Panama’s Pensionado Discounts

I hate articles that have a sole reason for being written to entice people to move to Panama. I am writing this post after reading Richard Dietrich’s recent article titled “Saving $10,000 A Year With Panama’s Pensionado Discounts”.

I can’t totally fault Richard because he was merely using material from a Real Estate For Profit site. I would never use this type of site for information. I do fault Richard for thinking this is a site that should be promoted. I didn’t check if Richard is advertising his property on that site.

I tried to find the original article, but was unsuccessful in doing so.

However, if you want to read the contents pf the article, I trust that what Richard posted is correct and what I will refer to in this post.

There are some caveats in the article and some information on requirements to get a Pensionado card that have value.

I consider the $10,000 nothing but bait for those who are on the edge of making a decision to move.

Following is my analysis of the contained sheet totaling $10,000.

Let me start by saying that the amounts used in the article are based on prices in Panama, which may be less than in the U.S. or possibly more than in the U.S. Remember you can make numbers look any way you want them to look.

With that, let me take the numbers in the article and add my comments. Continue reading Saving $10,000 A Year With Panama’s Pensionado Discounts

Corruption -Travesty – Robbed – Disappointment

If you are a sports advocate and watched the Panama vs. Mexico match last Night in the Gold Cup you should have felt sorry for Panama and the sport.

I have watched a lot of sporting events and have never watched officiating that absolutely determined the outcome of the game.

It started with a Panamanian player (Tejada) getting ejected with a red flag that at most should have been a yellow flag early in the game. A horrible call.

Panama played a man short for the remainder of the first half and still prevented Mexico from scoring.

In the second half, Panama scored and a well played goal.

Later in the half an foul was called resulting in a penalty kick which Mexico scored.

With about two minutes to go in the official half, another horrible call was made giving Mexico another penalty kick.

There is no question that Panama should have won the game and it was literally given to Mexico by the officials.

Mexico may very well win the Gold Cup and it is no prize because it was bought.

I like good sports and winning and losing is a part of sports, but unfortunately corruption won last night’s game.

If you’ve seen me trying to get a vending machine to accept my dollar bill, you’ve pretty much seen my sex tape.

Mercado Cadena de Frío in David

Gosh. How time flies. In June we went to the new Farmer’s Market in David. I intended to post before now, but something always distracted me.

What really makes this late is it has been open for close to a year based on what one of the shop owners said.

There is an outside market to the back, but what will interest most is inside the building.

Lilliam bought a large amount of items and all were high quality and better prices than those in our local neighborhood markets. Not good enough for me to drive there because my neighborhood markets are too handy, but if I wanted fish products, I might be willing to drive over.

The building was new and clean. There is a fast food area that we didn’t try because we were there early. Some of the restaurants were open and serving breakfasts and others would open later.

There were also a large number of shop areas that were not occupied. If you haven’t been to Mercado Cadena del Frio, it is worth a visit.


Remember, if you stop by the shops, tell them you learned about them from Chiriquí Chatter.

Photos including a map to the market follow: