If It Ain’t Broke………

OK. I thought I was through posting about KODI and the Fire Stick, but I have had a bad experience today.

They have released version 15 of KODI. I decided I would try it on my laptop first. It installed without problem on the laptop. so I decided to try it on the Amazon Fire Stick in my bedroom.

I first uninstalled 14.2 TVMC. Then I downloaded the Android version of KODI 15 to my laptop and moved it over to the Fire Stick. So far so good.

KODI 15 came up fine. However, there were no add ons installed, so I added the Fusion directory and installed the addon, which added the KODI Config program. However, the Config program fails.

OK, so I decide to uninstall KODI 15 and re-install TVMC for the Fire Stick. Again, it installed fine and on initialization, it fails during the config step,

So I have one Fire Stick that is in a native setting until I find out vis the forums, what is going wrong. Had I not deleted TVMC and just installed KODI 15, I would have had an easy backup.

Now i am in a trouble shooting mode.

4 thoughts on “If It Ain’t Broke………

  1. Don, Don, Don, never be on the bleeding edge of an update. I thought you knew that, Let others be the guinea pigs for new updates/upgrades, You should have waited a week, Oh well, I know that there will be a fix shortly.

  2. Sure, I know that. Which is why I used a reasonably controlled test. First was on the Laptop, which I rarely use. Second was the Fire Stick in the Bedroom, which I also rarely use. My production environment, is intact in the living room.

    However, because of all my recent post, I was concerned that others might try KODI 15 and if the Tey it on a Fire Stick, as of now, the Fusion configs do not work.

    Even the old TVMC install is not working, so I have to assume the Fusion repositories and scripts have been corrupted.

    This is just an advisory notice that until tvaddons gets their libraries fixed, I cannot asset in any other installs. 🙁

  3. New version. Wait a week and then read the forum.
    Never one to follow my own advice I just accepted the Windows 10 upgrade.
    That should keep me off KODI for a while but won’t give my eyes a rest.

  4. Well Don, commendable that you advised all the users out there; of your discovered problem. You could have just said nothing but then that wouldn’t have been you. I do hope that a fix is available pronto.

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