Cable Onda Internet Modem Dies

My Cable Onda modem died that controls both the Internet and the phone. No lights on the unit. It is dead.

I called Cable Onda and they scheduled an appointment for Tuesday between 7:30 AM and noon. How nice of them. No internet for almost three days.

This is Panama and that is what you learn to expect.

This is being posted via my iPhone and Claro.

UPDATE: The problem turned out to be that my UPS went out. I am bypassing it and back online. Wasn’t Cable Onda Modem after all. However, it was a good test of their service.

11 thoughts on “Cable Onda Internet Modem Dies

  1. They are coming that soon, wow, excellent service for Panama, but, do not hold your breath that they will actually show up next Tuesday, could mean any Tuesday in the future!

  2. So this is what I have to look forward to. On Planet Telecom, but Onda is hanging new cable on Volcancito Rd. and I should be hooked up within a month (they say).
    If it’s just a modem why don’t they let you go by the office and pick one up? Or deliver it?

  3. The modem is self initiating at least for internet and the cable TV.

    I have gone into the office and had an exchange done. However your modem maybe different since you have a landline associated with your internet.


  4. I’ve been without Cable TV for half a day and Internet until just now and now my router is not working.

  5. Don, did you get a number? I’m not sure what they call it,. but it’s a number showing you called in with a problem. You tell them that you want the time you don’t have Internet and phone reimbursed on your next billing. If enough people did that they would soon see that they can’t be paid when not providing service.

    I know it sounds cheap and maybe it is, but when we had all the problems they deducted nearly half of our monthly bill. Sometimes the wheel that squeaks the loudest gets the grease.

  6. We have Cable and Wireless service & Mas Mobil for cellular. The other day not only did we have no internet and wifi through our modem/router, we had no cellular & data service. This was a first. The only thing we did have was our landline. With having the landline though I was at least able to call Cable and Wireless. It was explained to me that a fiber optics line had been cut and they were working on it. About 4 hours later, everything was working again. Their service has improved since we moved here; they now have English speaking phone technicians that can help me over the phone. I speak some Spanish, but it is hard to understand over the phone. We still get fluctuations in speed and the best we ever get is 4.35 mps; we pay for 5 which is the max that they offer. Just all part of living here in the interior of Panama. Glad to hear things were resolved with your situation.

  7. Guy,

    Was this type of comment really warranted for? Just because your modem quits on you or your internet connection is not the finest, denigrating a country in such manner is uncalled for. Besides, with or without Internet, life in Panama goes on and it’s beautiful!

    Good luck,

    David Herrera

  8. Sorry David… I had the same IT problem for different reasons which caused my outburst… but it was the 12th screw up this month from different Panamanian companies that do not train nor hire employees who give a damn. It can be very frustrating to someone who comes from a country where people expect the minimum. I would hate to have someone denigrate my country…especially if it were true. But…. yes Panama is a beautiful country or I wouldn’t be living here for 7 years. Despite Panama’s problems, it has tremendous potential.

  9. Guy,

    No problem. Panama, as well as most of the developing world, is making a tremendous effort to improve its infrastructure and services in a very short period of time. In comparison to what is considered the minimum and taken for granted in some other parts of the world, in Panama it may be a big leap forward. Give Panama some credit for the effort and best wishes for its success.There are glitches and potholes along the way that will be fixed and smoothed out. Although comparisons are hideous, the US did not become the nation it is today by doing everything right at the first try, or second, or third, or…. And they still seem to be working at it.

    Demanding a better service for your money is always a good thing anywhere. Sometimes we get it and makes us happy. Sometimes we don’t get it and we are angry. Complaining forces change. How we go about it makes a big difference. Being an instrument of change in Panama is a good thing, and that is what a great number expatriates in Panama have become. Just respect the country, it’s people, and it’s institutions, and everything will be just fine.

    Thank you for choosing Panama as your current place of residence. The truth is we are happy having most of you here. We are trying to do a lot with very little, a fast as possible, to make this country a better place for everybody.

    Good luck to you again,

    David Herrera

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