Corruption -Travesty – Robbed – Disappointment

If you are a sports advocate and watched the Panama vs. Mexico match last Night in the Gold Cup you should have felt sorry for Panama and the sport.

I have watched a lot of sporting events and have never watched officiating that absolutely determined the outcome of the game.

It started with a Panamanian player (Tejada) getting ejected with a red flag that at most should have been a yellow flag early in the game. A horrible call.

Panama played a man short for the remainder of the first half and still prevented Mexico from scoring.

In the second half, Panama scored and a well played goal.

Later in the half an foul was called resulting in a penalty kick which Mexico scored.

With about two minutes to go in the official half, another horrible call was made giving Mexico another penalty kick.

There is no question that Panama should have won the game and it was literally given to Mexico by the officials.

Mexico may very well win the Gold Cup and it is no prize because it was bought.

I like good sports and winning and losing is a part of sports, but unfortunately corruption won last night’s game.

4 thoughts on “Corruption -Travesty – Robbed – Disappointment

  1. Last night game is sending a sad message to all of us who enjoy soccer. It is really really sad that we ‘ve gotten to the point where whoever can get more people in a stadium will win, they did it with Costa Rica,they did it even worst with Panama yesterday. Mark Geiger IS A SHAME FOR the sport, he should not be allowed to step on a soccer field ever.. if organizers want mexico to go to the finals, they should not even bother to invite the rest of the countries.

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