Mercado Cadena de Frío in David

Gosh. How time flies. In June we went to the new Farmer’s Market in David. I intended to post before now, but something always distracted me.

What really makes this late is it has been open for close to a year based on what one of the shop owners said.

There is an outside market to the back, but what will interest most is inside the building.

Lilliam bought a large amount of items and all were high quality and better prices than those in our local neighborhood markets. Not good enough for me to drive there because my neighborhood markets are too handy, but if I wanted fish products, I might be willing to drive over.

The building was new and clean. There is a fast food area that we didn’t try because we were there early. Some of the restaurants were open and serving breakfasts and others would open later.

There were also a large number of shop areas that were not occupied. If you haven’t been to Mercado Cadena del Frio, it is worth a visit.


Remember, if you stop by the shops, tell them you learned about them from Chiriquí Chatter.

Photos including a map to the market follow:


4 thoughts on “Mercado Cadena de Frío in David

  1. Thank you, will have to check it out even though it’s on the other side of town for us. ;o)

  2. Drive like you were going to the Airport. Turn right at the corner by the church prior to the stop light by the police station. Continue on this street and it will eventually be on your left. A map is in the photo album at the end of the post.

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