15 thoughts on “Internet is Slooooooooooowwwwww

  1. Sometimes Internet is real slooooowww in Oregon too. I am so looking forward to our move to Chiriqui next year, and I’ll compare which is more slow!

  2. Guess I’ll have to download it first, but it isn’t too bad at the moment. It could just add to frustration levels when it is too slow. I haven’t moved to Panama yet, so have not adopted the Mañana mentality yet…

  3. It’s 5:32 here and I have 15.08 and only pay for 9.0 so I’m pretty happy. Maybe just a brief problem.

  4. It is so slow here in Boquete that we have to use punched cards, put them in a reader, and turn in the stack of cards to get the program to run every time.

  5. Ours was out for about 5 hours…then we (my wife) called cableonda…I did a direct connect with the rj45 to my laptop (so they wouldn’t tell me it is my router)…and they reset “stuff.” It seems to me they usually want to suggest that it is primarily something at our end causing the problem. Anyway…we got back up.

  6. RossB,
    I REMEMBER THOSE CARDS! haha And sleeping on the floor in the student batch lab at 2AM to get IBM 029 machine time. I’ll take whatever speed I can get.

  7. DUH!. Our fenosa bill went up ovef $40 this month and we were out of power, cable onda, and land line..3X this week..for hours. ..Did we get a refund??????? NO.. INCREASE… SOMEONE WAKE UP PANAMA. PLEASE. I can’t speak Spanish but I know of friends that do and -0- and -0-.I tried to send a message into Fenosa and got it back that it was not accepted. …DUH.

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