Number 15 is in the Books

Tom McCormack had his number 15 container unloaded yesterday. He had plenty of help scheduled so I didn’t post an advance notice. 15 containers of medical equipment and supplies that benefit all of Panama.

I did take a few photos which will be at the end of of the post.

The photo I will post as a standalone follows. As the line had formed and items were being passed down the line, we noticed a flock of birds directly overhead circling. Now I don’t know if this was because so much medical equipment in one place usually implies pending death or if there was another reason.

I did hear Tom look up and say, “Not today!” However, the birds continued circling.

The last three photos show the bodega after it was filled. Not bad for one container and some items had already been distributed. Tom did say he has enough at his house in the US to fill 1/2 of another container.

6 thoughts on “Number 15 is in the Books

  1. What a blessing these containers full of medical equipment are to the needy in Panama. WTG Tom and Linda.

  2. Tom is a blessing to Panama. He asks nothing in return for his hard work and seeks no personal recognition. He is a good friend and since I’m no longer in Panama, I miss seeing him and working with him.

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