Panama’s Good Humor Man – La Italiana

While there is a walk-in store next to El Campeon, there are individual entrepreneurs that use push carts in the neighborhoods. When I lived in Boquete, I would see them walking from Boquete up to Santa Lucia.

Here is a photo of my neighbor buying before me. The push carts only carry the treats on the stick. Now I know why my favorites are always missing.

2 thoughts on “Panama’s Good Humor Man – La Italiana

  1. These icecream guys are for the most part Ngobe Bugle indians. They make $10 a day and push the cart rain or shine. We have gotten to know Pablo very who comes through Brisas once a week. I always make a lunch for him and we spend time together weekly. We have come to know him well, and have met his family and celebrate holidays and birthdays with them. He’s hard working and as sweet and kind as it gets. Pablo has become part of our family here. It’s been eight years now…….

  2. correction: ” gotten to know Pablo very well…”
    also….. eight years of stories he has told us about his life growing up, his family in the Comarca and all sorts of things like stories about Fer de Lance snakes makes us always look forward to our next visit with him. It’s more than ice cream !

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