Armed Robbery in Boqueron

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Place: Meseta in Boqueron
What Happened:
three criminals broke into a house and tied up the house owner and his wife with electric wires. They entered by the back door and threatened the man and his wife with guns, after that, criminals stole 1,500 dollars, one checkbook with blank and some others signed. In addition, the bad guys took some credits cards from Banesco, General Bank, BAC Azteca and others.
The victims are Eric Azura who is 33 years old from Salvador and his wife Ruth Castillo that is panamanian. They could not describe the criminal because they were wearing masks.
They even did not know if the criminal had car or not, but there are some clues that indicate the criminals live in David and there are at least two or three of them that are “working” in the area.

2 thoughts on “Armed Robbery in Boqueron

  1. Sounds so familiar to the one in Brisas. Well since that happened a lot more cameras have gone up as well as other alarm security systems. We are all watching and now have a system of alerts set up in that all of us have each others phone numbers and house location maps. Some young men who are the sons of our neighbor and visitors were walking in and got stopped by a resident and questioned. Nobody is walking in here or messing around without us on alert..

  2. When people are unarmed and unprepared to defend themselves, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel for those who wish to do harm. Having wasp spray and a baseball bat at each door as well as other convenient locations is a good idea. Practice using them.

    Check out this Youtube video, Innocents Betrayed.

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