Boquete Robbery

I received a request to post the following.

hello everyone,

bad news. we were robbed yesterday and our dogs are missing. they are wearing tags with our phone number, but no one has called. last time a flyer that susie b. put up brought our luci back to us. i am hoping for another miracle. please print this flyer and put it up at the places you frequent – especially in David (where our car was found). hair salons, gyms, restaurants, supermarkets, are all good. somebody knows something and the dogs might be a clue to the recent robberies. please feel free to forward this to anyone and everyone. thanking you in advance. dee and rich


4 thoughts on “Boquete Robbery

  1. Nothing lower than a thief, and especially one that takes someone’s beloved pet. I pray your pets are returned safely and soon!!

  2. Those who rob and destroy things that do not belong to them should receive justice. It is difficult for the policia to catch these guys without the help of folks like you. Look for these dogs and listen to people. Somebody knows who is doing this. Whether you like them or not, related to them or not, like gringos or not, what they are doing hurts our community. I say get the bastards and lock them up. Someone will get hurt badly soon. They will rob someone and get shot by some gringo who does not want to be a victim.

  3. robbed or burglarized? there is a difference….robbed is at gun or knife point , face to face…burglarized is when they break in when nobody is home…

  4. What difference does it make, Bjorn, these folks obviously were victimized and are missing both property and pets. Perhaps,you are questioning for safety sake, otherwise I’d say a tad imsemsitive, no ?

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