A Panama Benefit

If you live in Panama, you will live with these little critters. It is impossible to not have them in your house.I bet we have over 10.

The good thing is they eat insects. None the less, I wild just as soon not have them.

8 thoughts on “A Panama Benefit

  1. Supposed to be good luck, but I don’t like the little packages they leave me or the nests that I found a couple of times once the eggs had already hatched in a box of stored items. lol

  2. Out here in the hinterlands we have tons of them. They are our natural exterminator. We sit outside and just watch them work…..here buggy…buggy…zap another one bites the dust. I’d guess we have 24-30 of them in and outside the house. No problems except when they take a short cut over the TV screen !!!!

    The things that bother us are the scorpions!!! Bad creatures. I’ve been hit by them when I was sleeping in bed!!! right on my butt!!! Yeoowee!!! Sometimes the dogs go after them and eat’m!!! We have black and brown types so we send them to their scorpion heaven when we see’m.

    Enjoy Panama…..NOT

  3. Luckily, I have not seen any scorpions since I left Boquete. In Boquete, I had them in my shoes many times. Maybe I have been lucky in David and they are just not in this area.

  4. I love those little guys! I feel bad when our kitty grabs one and the tail goes slithering across the floor like it’s got a mind of it’s own! We do get the scorpions once in awhile. Jim put his shoe on and got stung between his toes…numb for hours!

  5. It is nice to read replies from open-minded folks about these little creatures. We have a ton of these little lizards in Texas around our house. Ours even eat wasps.

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